Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Latinoamericano por Domingo Ighina Profesor. Download our atomo magnetico ighina pdf torrent eBooks for free and learn more about atomo. Pier luigi ighina la scoperta dell atomo magnetico ().

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Atomo Magnetico Pdf

Quote. Postby first» Tue Aug 28, am. Please, help me to find this l atomo magnetico ighina pdf download. I'll be really very grateful. Pierluigi Ighina- L. Pagina 1/11 Pierluigi Ighina: L'Atomo Magnetico. L'Atomo Magnetico di Pier Luigi Ighina La Scoperta. Per quanto riguarda “L' atomo. Note of the translator: What follows is the resumed and translated text of the original Italian book “L'atomo magnetico” () by Pier Luigi Ighina. This book is .

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After several rounds these emitted vibrations unite with those of the underground gases deposits. What happens is that in a specific part of the circuit the driver passes into a cloud of atoms of those gases which, attracted by the magnetic vibration of the engine, will invest the driver and in contact with all these vibration a nuclear reaction will take place around the drivers magnetic body causing unbalance. While he was studying the difference of the chemical fertilizers and the natural dung, he found out that the natural ones contained some kind of vegetal oil which was absent in the chemical.

With the microscope he thus studied a natural environment in putrefaction, and saw that there were little micro organisms that would absorb substances from the rotting compounds. After a while, these micro organisms would transform into little solid formations of oil. This oil is not flushed away like it happens with the chemical fertilizers.

The roots of the plants, containing little amounts of acid substances, release these substances which dissolve the oil making it absorbable to the plant roots. These little drops of oil then go into the lymphatic system of the plant cleaning it from toxic substances.

The plant then expels these toxic oil particles by normal transpiration. While doing experiments with the magnetic vibrator, he saw a flying saucer pass over his laboratory and land on a hill. He immediately went there and saw three people exiting the saucer. He asked them why they had landed, and they said they had magnetic disturbances. He said he was the cause of that, and after having agreed not to talk to anybody about the meeting for at least 7 years, he had the possibility of entering the saucer and study its propulsion, then took two of them to his laboratory and showed them his experiment.

He describes the saucer as follows: They were fixed on two pins that would allow them to rotate.

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At the edges of the disks there were different funnels: Inside the saucer on both sides there were iron tubes wrapped with copper wires.

These coils had the property of creating a magnetic field on the surface of the saucer. While functioning, the upper disk would rotate and the funnels would do the same work as the paddles in a boat. In a complicated mode this rotation of the funnels around the saucer would give the saucer motion and eliminate the resistance of the air. The two disks could have whatever magnetic polarity one would desire. By applying negative polarity on the surface of the saucer, this would create a repulsion with the negative polarity of the earth and thus an upward motion.

The opposite would be done in case of landing. The saucer could also have positive polarity on the upper disk and negative on the lower, or vice-versa. The igniting motion of the disks was furnished by a nickel-chrome battery. The big problem of this model of saucer was that with the high speed the funnels would melt due to the friction with the air. In relation with the planetary magnetic field, he says that if you put two planets too close to one another, the interference between the two rotating magnetic fields will cause a variation of them.

These variations would cause on each planet disequilibria among the different substances with a final result of explosion of the two and creation of many small planets. This is the result of a laboratory experiment. Based on the technology of the microscope, he built a telescope and could see water, mountains, vegetation, fauna and beings similar to humans on the moons surface.

Ighina, I was told that he believes that the day-night rhythm is not depending on the earths rotation, but on the rotation of the magnetic field; furthermore he states that no human being has ever gone on the moon yet because the conditions there would not allow a normal human being to survive for a second, since there is not the correct combination of sun energy and planetary response energy which are the basic pillars of life. In order to go on other planets, we need to create the same magnetic field as we have on earth.

While studying the stars, he could see that every one has its own magnetic field. By tuning his apparatus on that magnetic field he could hear harmonic sounds of music and sounds similar to the human voice. He hypothesizes that with the union of the positive and the negative magnetic atoms he could create an eternal source of energy just by utilizing the magnetic rotation of the earth.

Rotating Electromagnetic Canal tuned in with the Matter. The experiment of "neutralization" of a dense agglomeration of clouds made by frontier scientist Pierluigi Ighina. Fu proprio il Prof. It was Prof.. Abuse evil of Knowledge. Pier Luigi Ighina, ricercatore originale e prolifico, per molti anni assistente segreto di Guglielmo Marconi. Nato nel a Milano, di professione radiotecnico, nel si trasferisce ad Imola e nella sua abitazione istalla un laboratorio dalle caratteristiche assai strane, frutto delle sue particolari conoscenze che tramuta in numerose invenzioni.

Parlando con lui ad Imola, ho potuto scoprire la parte misteriosa di Marconi, soprattutto sul raggio della morte. Dopo aver studiato a fondo il campo magnetico, generato da alcune elettrocalamite e dal quale non riusciva a concludere il suo progetto, Ighina, preso da uno strano nervosismo, mise tanta di quella corrente elettrica da determinare la bruciatura totale del congegno. A tal riguardo Ighina ha detto:.

E questo ottenni: Informazioni riprese dal libro: Tutto qui.

Semplice no? Ho chiesto poi come avevano, lui e Marconi, applicato la conoscenza sul monopolo. Glielo avevo detto: E i monopoli cosa fanno?

Fanno la scomposizione della materia sulla materia stessa. Si, effettivamente aveva messo lo schermo magnetico, ma non era sufficiente. Quando sono andato a Roma a vederlo nella bara, ho notato che egli aveva sotto la pelle come degli gnocchetti neri. I medici avevano detto che aveva una cosa nel cuore, come la chiamano loro?

Tutti dicevano che Marconi era morto di Angina Pectoris I monopoli, la composizione della materia, le lumache, ecc.. Ho ripetuto tutto quello che mi diceva quando era vivo. Le due energie, solare e terrestre, producono la colla magnetica. Ho potuto visitare il suo laboratorio e tutte le varie apparecchiature da lui costruite. Ho potuto dedurre poi che i suoi studi, effettuati nella collaborazione con Guglielmo Marconi, hanno portato alla seguente considerazione: L'atomo magnetico - Studi, teorie, progetti e applicazioni di grandi scoperte scientifiche.

ISBN X, pagg. Massimo Barbieri Data: Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria I e tecnica II , l'Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell'atomo, in particolare la scoperta dell'atomo magnetico. Pier Luigi Ighina, student and assistant to Guglielmo Marconi, is a scientist almost unknown to the public, because his discoveries and inventions have not obtained any official recognition by science but which, if taken into account, could according to the Reiki master Joseph Zanella, who took care of the introduction of the book radically change human life.

In the book, divided into two sections theory I and technical II , the author describes his research in the field of physics of the atom, in particular the discovery of the magnetic atom. Ighina affronta lo studio dell'atomo da una prospettiva alquanto diversa rispetto agli altri ricercatori; infatti invece di sottoporre l'atomo all'azione di potenti campi magnetici o di particelle ad alta energia, decide di contenere il suo movimento utilizzando altri atomi, definiti assorbenti, che impediscono agli atomi luce e a quelli esterni di interferire nell'osservazione.

Ighina tackles the study the atom from a perspective quite different compared to other researchers, because instead of subjecting the atom to powerful magnetic fields or particles high-energy, decides to contain his movement using other atoms, defined towel, that prevent atoms to light and those external to interfere nell'osservazione.

La scoperta dell'atomo magnetico avviene casualmente come scrive lo stesso Ighina: Through this "ingenious" trick and through his invention of the atomic lenticular microscope, Ighina was able to classify different categories of atoms according to their different pulsations.

An important concept that the author wishes to stress is that "the atom not fluctuates, but vibrates, one can not divide it, but it would be possible to divide its energy but not the atom itself. One of equipments built by Ighina, the regulator of nuclear magnetic vibrations, [ basa ] own magnetic energy the atom and more precisely on the variation in the frequency vibration of matter with the transformation of itself.

With this energy is possible, according to the Author, cure any disease, to melt metals distance, produce electricity, neutralize radiation, investigating the underground research of oil or aquifers, raising agricultural crops and more. Nella foto, scattata da P. Ighina nel con il microscopio atomico lenticolare, viene ripreso l'atomo magnetico, con i cinque cataletti di atomi assorbenti.

There is no doubt that the magnetic field is essential to life on Earth, but the discovery of how it is possible the transformation of matter and the production of magnetic monopolies is rather difficult to believe.

If so, we would be facing the key to understanding of nature and its mechanisms. The photograph, taken by P.

Ighina in with the microscope Atomic lenticular is taken the atom magnetic, toweled with five [ cataletti ] of atoms. The atom produces a pulse that expands from the center and is represented by a thin bright circle. What follows is a summary day since, along with a group of friends, I personally derived from and discussions with Pier Luigi Ighina. Being witness direct constantly flanked by those who accompanied me I have given everything to me it seemed more important and significant events during my stay on the spot.

Tale corridoio doveva servire per due scopi ben precisi: Pier Luigi Ighina speaks of his agreement with pilots of a "cosmic magnetic space cell " flying saucer - UFO commanded by the extraterrestrial "Scegustori.

This corridor was to serve for two very specific purposes:. Insomma, il suo flusso avrebbe influenzato tutta la zona circostante provocando fenomeni insoliti in tutte le apparecchiature elettriche. However, according to a statement by him, the magnetic field created by the "Magnetic Stroboscope" would lead to repercussions up to a radius of thirty km. In short, his influence would flow throughout the surrounding area causing unusual phenomena in all electrical appliances.

It was thought that even cars not would be able to leave because, as stated by the same Ighina, of "the magnetic static". Probably, as reported by extraterrestrials, was not technically appropriate that the "flying saucer" [ appoggiasse ] definitively on the ground, but was only at [ librarsi ] of the "magnetic stroboscopio.

Moreover, since such energy would be the protective shell of these ships, the [ disattivandola ] ship would remain unprotected and therefore vulnerable.

Egli, dunque, avrebbe il compito di gettare il seme atto a germogliare nel cuore degli uomini per renderli migliori. Se gli uomini non cambieranno e non si adegueranno al ritmo vitale della natura invece di distruggerla, afferma Ighina, essi dovranno soccombere di fronte alla finale azione purificatrice dei Messaggeri della Armonia Cosmica.

Si dice che riuscisse ad individuare i guasti nelle apparecchiature elettriche senza bisogno di alcuna strumentazione.

Sembra che gli bastasse soltanto la punta delle dita per scoprire il punto e la natura del guasto. Pier Luigi Ighina has always had a special provision to the study of phenomenology Electromagnetic and a lot of capacity in the execution of related mechanisms.

But, according to he says, a lot of information and suggestions came directly from intelligence extraterrestrials, strongly affected by these attitudes and the depth of its insights in that sector Technical and Scientific. Of course not, however, that would have revealed numerous important secrets of electromagnetism if they had not been more than confident of his moral integrity moral, of his good temperament, of simple and friendly pacifism.

Ighina recounts that his meeting with extraterrestrials took place almost ten years before, on the mountain at Castellaccio Imola. Today he is convinced of being a "planned" and that his task is to bring pursuing an important mission, that of regeneration of humanity into the well.

He, therefore, would have the task of planting the seed act to sprout in the hearts of men to make them best. If men do not change and do not adjust to the pace of vital nature instead of destroy it, says Ighina, they will succumb before the final action of purifying Messengers of Cosmic Harmony.

Even though the first Ighina had shown exceptional ability in his technical profession. They say he was able to identify failures in electrical without any instrumentation. It seems that only the tip of your finger is enough to discover the point and nature of the malfunction. Ma Pier Luigi Ighina, un uomo buono come il pane e semplice come un fanciullo, per quanto infaticabi1e resta pur sempre un uomo.

It is said that as a child, thye hid magnets in the house he, through its sensitivity magnetic, found them all. Ighina says, then, that was the Madonna to inspire in the study of phenomena electromagnetic. He argues that the electromagnet is the crux of the existence and of nature.

But Pier Luigi Ighina, a good man and simple as a child, as [infatigablecabile] still a man.

Pierluigi Ighina L Atomo Magnetico Pdf To Jpg

While working even at night together with his collaborators and behind the precise instructions from the sky has noticed to be lagging behind in the construction of the mechanism designed. The times were accelerated the construction has made almost frantic and hurried accordingly.

Tuttavia, per il suo carattere fraterno, per il suo spirito familiare di buon romagnolo, perde tempo prezioso in una calorosa accoglienza. Ci fornisce ampie spiegazioni sulla natura e il funzionamento di alcune macchine da lui realizzate. Alle ore ventidue decidiamo di lasciarlo lavorare in pace e ce ne andiamo a cena.

Ighina sta ancora lavorando.

Let's see now what really happened in Imola on Tuesday, September 12, in fields of Ighina's farm, which is located in Viale Romeo Galli, 4, where he placed his laboratory. Monday, 11 September, at twenty-one, arrived at Imola in the company of some friends.. There provides extensive explanations about the nature and operation of certain machines made by him. At twenty-two hours we decide to leave work in peace and we go to dinner.

Let us return to when the laboratory already Ighina is still working. We observe while giving be done in the midst of his [ stranissimi ] devices. It warns that before noon [ dell'indomani ] would not have given away in the experiment. For hands of our body clocks already one night and is already on September We go there to sleep while he remains there to work, along with some of his most tireless and faithful collaborators.

Nutriamo la speranza che i lavori vengano ultimati in tempo, ma veniamo informati che restano ancora da eseguire gli ultimi ritocchi. Ighina si perde a parlare con tutti, ma il suo lavoro sembra ormai ultimato: Il primo inconveniente, assai banale, si verifica poco dopo le 12, Bisogna togliere la vecchia, mandare a prendere la nuova e rimontarla.

On the morning of September 12 we raise a little 'late. I'm already past We hope that the work is completed on time, but we are informed which remain to be run the finishing touches.

The work has delayed the continuous arrival of Visitors who are indeed numerous and come from more different Italian cities. Some people are also from abroad. Ighina is lost to talk with everyone, but his work seems now completed: The device, the "magnetic stroboscope" has started to work, but needs at least three hours of power to accumulate charges able to create the field optimal energy. The first incident, very trivial, occurs shortly after It is the pulley an electric motor that does not work well.

We must remove the old, ad install the new. Meanwhile Ighina announces that the "flying saucer", announced that he is already four thousand meters of altitude and that would be dropped as soon as the "magnetic stroboscopio" running, had determined the magnetic field until the optimal condition likely to drop.

Sappiamo che fuori, per strada, gironzolano carabinieri in borghese. A questo punto ci sembra lecito pensare che anche Ettore Majorana sia stato invitato dagli Extraterrestri a collaborare con loro nel segreto di una delle loro numerose basi sparse, come sembra, sulla Terra. Shortly afterwards, two military fighter fets flying at low altitude our area and then decided pointing upward.

Meanwhile in the house of Ighina, among visitors there is also a senior police officer.


We know that out on the street, [ gironzolano ] plainclothes police. But the lab is open to all: In my opinion, the only real secret is what is contained in the minds of Ighina, he says he received from extraterrestrials and that he can not reveal because humanity today so evil, there would only instrument of war and destruction.

In fact, the secret is very simple, but consists in the biggest conundrum that currently presents problems of the physical sciences: It is perhaps the essence of this principle that hides the resolution of the problem and perhaps of antigravity and antimatter..

Was that the way to achieve what already had been discovered by Ettore Majorana in before his mysterious disappearance. At this point it seems reasonable to think that even Ettore Majorana has been invited by Extraterrestrials to collaborate with them in the secret of one of their many bases scattered, as it seems, on Earth.

Ighina argues that when the conscience of man will [ migliore ] if it can improve , then he will reveal his secret. Only then man break that screen negative which makes it blind and could harmonize with nature, understand the secrets and then dominate it responsibly. Si dice, infatti, che egli sia in grado di richiamare o allontanare i temporali. Ovvero di un campo magnetico di segno opposto a quello delle nuvole e delle particelle umide dell'aria, di modo che esse si radunavano e si condensavano al punto da provocare la pioggia?

There are already 13 hours: Ighina however, with an amused smile says that this is unimportant and not to worry. They say, in fact, that he is able to recall or remove thunderstorms. Then, the famous dance of the rain Indians of America was not merely the creation of a magnetic field? Or of a magnetic field of opposite sign to that of clouds and wet air, so that they gathere and condense to cause the rain?

Mostra poi i risultati ottenuti in varie esperienze: While all employees are engaged in the repair of failure to pulley, is Ighina available to the public and fold his theories electromagnetism with all their various applications.

See then the results obtained in various experiences: Egli sostiene di aver utilizzato un certo apparecchio da lui costruito, ma probabi1mente qui gli Extraterrestri ne sanno qualcosa Ighina shows us some ampouls full of dust and various Moon rocks, who knows where can ever have taken. He claims to have used some equipment he built, but probably here Extraterrestrials who know something Of course, those amouls are not safe, but there, abandoned on a table in view of everyone, without barriers, networks or anti-theft devices.

Nobody [ sognerebbe of rubarle ] because no one seriously believes that it is really lunar material because they say that Ighina is "crazy". Buio a mezzogiorno PDF Download.


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