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My Beachwood Bay novella UNTOUCHED is now free for all formats! From USA Today bestselling author Melody Grace: the story of the. Heartbreaker (Oak Harbor #1) - Melody Grace - dokument [*.pdf] THE BEACHWOOD BAY SERIES: BOOK 1: UNTOUCHED (Emerson & Juliet's story begins. Unbroken - Melody Grace - dokument [*.pdf] Unbroken Melody Grace Copyright ( c) by Melody Grace Smashwords Edition, License Notes This ebook is.

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Unbroken (A Beachwood Bay Love Story Book 2) - Kindle edition by Melody Grace. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Report. Beachwood Bay. Unbroken - Melody nvrehs.info KB. Unconditional - Melody nvrehs.info KB. Unexpectedly Yours - Melody nvrehs.info Untouched. Beachwood Bay Love Story (Series). Book 1. Melody Grace Author ( ). cover image of Unbroken. Unbroken. Beachwood Bay Love Story (Series).

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Unbroken by Melody Grace. Emerson Ray was my hurricane Complicated, intense Emerson, the local bad boy. His blue eyes hid dark secrets, and just one touch c "Mom always told me there are two kinds of love in this world:

My pulse kicks, and I remember the way those restless hands felt sliding over my body; the slow, hot drag of his mouth on my bare skin. He gives me a slow, molten look. I thought you always said it was toxic for your voice. I try not to… except at times of extreme stress. I should leave right now, put as much distance as possible between me and that hungry gaze as I can.

But I reason with myself. He became my bad influence, the one person who sparked a hint of reckless rebellion. With him, I was suddenly adventurous and brave, always up for a new risk, as long as he was right there with me. It took me a long time to realize, those were just fake highs I was chasing. Finn McKay was the only genuine rush around. Tonight, I feel it all over again, snaking hot through my bloodstream, and making the hairs on my skin stand on end. Just one drink, that tempting voice whispers in my mind.

What harm will it do? As I step back inside, I make a quick, desperate vow to myself. I can play pretend. It was just a high school fling, years ago. No reason for this emotion churning in my stomach, or the dizzy, light-headed feeling I get just looking at his gorgeous face again. I follow him across the room. Finn leads me to a booth in the corner, set away from the crowd. I search out Delilah, and frantically beckon her over, but she just gives me a big thumbs up and turns back to her friends.

I nod, and he answers with a smile. I grip my beer and take a long gulp. Down, girl. Off and on. I have a place there, but I barely ever see it. The tour has been pretty much nonstop. But then the single hit, so they kept adding new dates. The States, and South America, back to Europe again…they wanted to keep going. But I had to tell my manager, one more show and I was going to drop dead right there on stage. When you do get a day off, all you want to do is sleep.

When the waitress swings by with two steaming baskets of chili cheese fries, I groan. When I look up, Finn is watching me, amusement on his handsome face. I pause.

Do I have sauce all over my face? I love the music part, getting to play my songs and perform in front of those crowds. I feel a rush of pride for him. He gives an abrupt kind of shrug. Now, I wonder if he gave it a miss for another reason. Have you ever seen them swarm? He turns, and they all blush and turn away, whispering hysterically to each. Finn slouches lower, hiding in the booth. He looks even more uncomfortable. But this stuff, getting followed around and asked for my autograph?

Finn finishes his beer, and gets up. He taps a few buttons, and returns to our table just as a familiar song begins to play. Memories floor me, so vivid I can almost taste the sea salt on his skin. We drove out of town, all the way to Beachwood Bay, and this song followed us all day long. No matter what station we changed to on the radio, it was there. It was playing in the crab shack where we stopped for lunch, and at the gas station on the way.

We spent the whole afternoon on the cold, winter sand, bundled up in jackets and scarves, kissing and talking under the pale sun. There was something bittersweet about that day. Mouths searching; the hot press of his weight on me. My heart is pounding, skin as flushed as that afternoon on the beach. I catch my breath, head spinning with memories. The way he looked at me, the way his touch could make me forget my own name. I learned the hard way that a feeling like that is hard to find.

I splash cold water on my face, angry that my body is betraying me all over again. This was a mistake. I know better now. I know enough not to let it go so far. I finally leave the safety of the bathroom. I use the chance to slip through the crowd and escape back out onto the street. But Finn falls into step beside me.

I just keep walking, trying to corral the old emotions churning through me. Why did he have to come back?

We walk in silence. Cars pass us by, the headlights flooding the dark street, but neither of us speaks. I wordlessly turn down the road towards the house, and Finn stays alongside me.

The distance between us makes me ache. This is the one man I knew better than anyone in the world. But still I feel it, those synapses firing just from his nearness and the faint drift of his aftershave on the chilled night breeze. I have to stuff my hands in my pockets to keep from reaching for his hand, and twisting my fingers through his the way I always used to do.

Old habits die hard. I can see the faint porch light of my place up ahead when Finn clears his throat. Finn looks reluctant, resigned. I can only feel him. All of him.

I fight for air, my blood pounding in my ears. Right here. Finn kisses me hard, yanking me closer and circling me with those taut, chiseled arms. His mouth is hot against mine, merciless and wild.

He eases my lips apart, exploring the wet, hot depths as his tongue slides deeper, demanding. I buckle against him, sensation flooding through me. My hands are in his hair. My body presses close against him, like I could mold myself to his form. The years melt away, obliterated by the force of our passion, so familiar but still so new.

Every touch, every taste feels like a revelation. My Finn. Back again. He makes a low groan, sliding his hands lower, possessive, to cup my ass and bring me hard against him. Time is lost, gone forever as his lips take possession of me completely, and I match him kiss for kiss.

Desire rages to life again, so sharp and craving. The world bursts from black and white to glorious, vivid technicolor. Finn drags his mouth from mine, and slowly trails a path of sinful kisses along my jawline.

I shiver. He reaches my ear, and nibbles my lobe. I let out a breathy sigh that turns to a moan as his palm skims across my breast. He traces my lips with his thumb, and I shudder at the friction. Light-headed, dizzy with desire, I part my lips, ready for another kiss.

I blink, still reeling as cold air rushes to fill the space his warm body has left behind. Wait, what? Finn chuckles, and the smirk on his face snaps me back to reality.

This is a game to him. My heart is racing, and I want him so bad, but I manage to wrestle my hormones under control. Two can play that game. I give him my best swooning look. Then I lean in, kiss a path along his jawline, all the way to that sensitive spot by his earlobe, the one that always drove him crazy. Right on cue, Finn tenses against me. I hear a disbelieving silence behind me, then Finn laughs. I barely get a wink of sleep.

Did he plan this? To stroll back into my life and turn it upside down? But why, after all this time? I went down the rabbit hole without him — chasing anything that wiped my pain away until I almost lost myself entirely. But why go through all this trouble to get under my skin when he has women lined up to occupy his time? He could walk into any bar in the country — the world! Even before his rock star days, Finn never wanted for female attention.

Those soulful eyes and teasing grin made sure of that. So why, out of all the dive bars in all the world, did he have to walk into mine?

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The questions circle in my head until my poor, tired brain finally gives up the fight and falls into a restless sleep. I wake in the morning to pale light streaming through the drapes and a beautiful spring day outside my window. And all I want is Finn, right here, tangling these sheets with me and pressing me into the mattress with every hard inch of his-No, I tell myself sternly, leaping out of bed and forcing myself into the shower.

The feel of his body, his hands sliding so possessive and right. I trace the path he touched, and then further still, delving deeper between my thighs until my body shudders with release, his face the only thing on my mind.

I finally shut off the water and dry myself, already guilty that I let him back into my mind. Maybe my friends have a point. Not just anyone. And that first night… I flush to even think of it now. How fast I tumbled into his arms, and how it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

But every time we were together, he was nothing but a gentleman. I remember how I agonized over my outfit, even consulting Lottie and parading the different options around my room. I spent hours on my hair and makeup, trying to look like one of those cool girls Finn seemed to like, holding out a distant hope that I could make him see me differently. Not just some kid sister figure or charity case, but older and mature.

I wince to think of it now, but at sixteen, it felt like the most important thing in the world. My parents loaned me the car for the night — with strict instructions not to drink and drive — and off I set, to the biggest night in my teenage life. All night, I watched the door, my heart sinking as the hours ticked past.

I snuck into one of the bathrooms and scrubbed my face clean of all that makeup, then left out the back door, driving aimlessly into the dark. It struck the deer with a sickening crunch, then drove right off the road and into a ditch.

When I recovered from the shock and scrambled out to help, I found Hank McKay unconscious behind the steering wheel, stinking of beer and cheap cigarettes. For some reason, I panicked and tried calling Finn. I got his voicemail, cursed my stupidity, and dialed like I should have done the first time.

The sheriff came and woke Hank. A tow-truck winched the car out of the ditch, and in the end I went home and straight to bed, feeling the failure of all my grand plans. I was alone in the house when I heard a rattle at the window. Somebody was throwing pebbles up from the yard below. I swung the pane open, sleepy and confused, and there he was: bathed in moonlight, a Romeo in his leather jacket wearing an irresistible smile.

Come take a drive. He was inevitable. My temptation. Half a perfect world that was mine, just for a little while. I get dressed and drive over to the harbor for Saturday brunch, determined to get my life back to normal. I sit next to her and hungrily devour a crisp slice of bacon. He got caught up in an emergency. We had a drink, caught up, then I headed home.

Lottie perks up again. Marilyn Peterson heard from Debbie Hess that he has very steady hands. The sun is bright over the water, and the boats bob gently nearby, crisp white against the waves. Surrounded by laughter and gossip, my tension lifts. I was thinking more beer and barbeque.

I think I got hammered on tequila and went back to the dorms with some basketball player? Dee brightens.

No, wait, Clive? Can Dee help you plan something? Whatever you want. I take him every Saturday while she works a shift at the salon, and I always love the time we spend together.

She has no idea what I got up to in New York. Nobody does, not even Delilah. I kept those years under lock and key, hiding my wild nights and reckless days from everyone, even my parents. My own secret. Because the truth is, the things I did would shock them all: a blur of alcohol and pills, and nameless, faceless men. It happened so fast it made my head spin. After the heartbreak of senior year, I set off for drama school determined to leave my past behind and prove I could survive without Finn.

I could start my life fresh where nobody knew my name or the ache that still lingered. I remember taking that first cab ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and vowing that things would be different this time. So I was. I threw myself into everything the city had to offer, and it turned out that my roommate, Gracie, was only too happy to take me along for the ride. She was a city girl, equipped with scarlet lipstick, sarcastic smiles, and all the insider information.

Like which doormen looked the other way at the downtown clubs, and how to flirt your way to a free hit of molly at the Brooklyn raves that pounded into the night. With her, the party never stopped. It soon blurred together, metallic as the day-old soda I would use as mouthwash before stumbling into morning class. Months slipped by while I barely kept my grades above water. It was still there once the high wore off, reminding me of everything I lost. Everything I was supposed to be.

It crept up on me slowly, a series of long, empty weeks with something itching under my skin. I stopped going to auditions, stopped showing for workshops, just spent hours wandering the city, feeling like there was a sheet of glass between me and the world.

I turned off the part of me that was hurting and insecure, and buried those feelings so deeply beneath tequila and sweet little pills that they would never come up for air. Another half-naked guy came strolling in. I could have fucked them both, or I could have been passed out all night, untouched in bed.

In that instant, I knew it was over. It had to be. Finn had taken my heart with him when he left, but this mess? It was all on me. So when Lottie broke the news she was pregnant, and we all scrambled to figure out how to support her, I leapt at the chance like the lifeline it was, using it as an excuse to get off that one-way road to nowhere and come back to the person I wanted to be. I left that spinning, desperate girl in another city, and shed that skin like it had never existed at all.

I push away the thought and look around. This is the life I picked, I tell myself. I keep strolling, but suddenly a brave gull flies too close. It settles on the rim of the stroller and peers inside. Kit lets out a startled cry. By the time the bird moves on, Kit is wailing so loud, I swear they could hear us all the way across town. All gone. Kit keeps crying.

I try distracting him with a bottle, his favorite toy, anything I can to make him stop. But the boy just keeps screaming. In grey track pants — and nothing else.

Finn slows, and comes to a stop alongside. All I can remember is the feel of his hands on me. Not distant memories, safely in the past, but just a few hours ago. I stare at him, my head spinning. God, why does he look so good? Sweat gleams off his muscular torso. I felt those muscles as he held me tightly against his chest, but without the thin layer of cotton draped over him, his body is something else.

A drop of sweat drips down the valley of his abs. He had a run-in with a gull, and took it pretty bad. He furrows his brow. To my amazement, Kit calms. He keeps bouncing Kit. We all learned how to change a diaper pretty fast.

I look at them — Finn, with a baby in his arms — and the loss hits me so hard, I can barely breathe. The things I never told him. The things nobody knows. After another few moments bouncing, he sets Kit back in the stroller, now content and calm. Realization dawns. Oh, okay. I mean, that he takes after her. Is it me, or does he look relieved? He arches an eyebrow. Or a backseat. Or anyplace I can get my hands on him.

So I cross my arms firmly and try to stare him down, but Finn just gives me that bourbon smile — dangerously sweet and intoxicating. My heart lurches just thinking about another kiss. I would like it. Too much.

It breaks through the moment with its loud, insistent ring. Finn laughs. I steer the stroller around and head quickly back towards town, leaving Finn there on the boardwalk all alone. I watch her walk away, hips swaying and sunlight catching in her hair.

I thought after all this time it would be different, that things might have changed. But just the sight of her hits me in the chest like a goddamn bullet, same as the very first day. She pauses by the pier to lean over the stroller with her nephew, lifting him out and swinging him in the air. I can see it now, how much he looks like Lottie. But I swear, the world nearly dropped out when I thought he might be hers. Not on my watch. Last night I came close, damn, so close to taking her straight to bed.

Now I wonder if I was a fool not to take that chance when I had it. My cell phone keeps ringing, so I finally turn away from the past and answer. Saturday Night Live? Millions of viewers, a guaranteed boost in sales. Like the girl in the cut-offs walking away from me, her tanned legs making me crazy for just a single touch. I already turned down another leg of the tour so you could have a break, but this is one night.

One tiny studio show. You could be on a plane and back in Beech Bay by Monday. Total world domination. Just look at Adele! I reluctantly lift the phone back up. What are you doing down there, anyway? Not bad for a kid who grew up in a rundown house on the wrong side of the tracks, barely one step up from a trailer. I guess I should be used to it by now, the zeros in my bank account. Kyle tells me the way the record is selling, I could download myself a private jet and still have plenty left over for change.

I head up the path — and find someone waiting for me on the front steps. Sheriff Keller. He always cut me a break because he was friends with my dad. Waffled between 4 and 4. A fact of life? You bet. It's a fact that pretty covers draw readers in, but the book better be able to back the pretty up.

Unbroken totally did. Unbroken is told in a manner that I happen to enjoy a lot: We're given a present in which the two main characters, Jules and Emerson, are no longer together, we don't know what happen Waffled between 4 and 4.

We're given a present in which the two main characters, Jules and Emerson, are no longer together, we don't know what happened to drive the two apart, only that it was devastating. It's clear, though, that Jules is still not over Emerson, four years later. Jules is back in Cedar Cove to pack up her family's beach house, but she can't escape her memories of a fateful summer; a summer in which she fell hopelessly into a reckless love.

She also lost her mother and had her heart broken in a matter of days. Naturally, it doesn't take Jules long to run into Emerson, and the tension between the two is abundant. These two are like a stick of dynamite and a match. They're not dangerous for each in an unhealthy way, but their passion is crazy intense. They have a wicked chemistry, and within a matter of moments, Jules and Emerson look as if they're headed down a familiar path. The love between them is apparent. It's completely clear they want to be together.

I wanted them together, asap! But the two have issues to clear up though before they can even begin to start again. Jules needs to know why Emerson broke her heart before. Will he do it again? And, she has a serious boyfriend, a man who can give her the life her family thinks she needs. It's a question of whether true, all-consuming love can overcome anything, even a painful past and uncertain future. For those who hate love triangles or cheating: Don't Worry, this is all handled very, very well.

At this point, I think I've made it clear that this story is passionate. Jules and Emerson were crazy intense characters, especially him. Jules is a strong girl who is torn by her love for Emerson.

She wants to do what's right, but she also needs to take control and fight for a life that she wants. Emerson was pure alpha male. He's the kind of guy who throw punches first, and ask questions later. Now, I won't say that he didn't thoroughly piss me off a few times, but he's hurt. It happens. Emerson can also be extremely charming and sweet to Jules.

He wants the girl he fell desperately in love with years ago, but he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she gets the life he thinks she deserves. He is a man who knows how to take control. And boy does he ever. All of the passion and intensity in the story and characters most definitely carries over into the intimate scenes. Hot stuff. Unbroken was soooo good!

It was sweet, romantic, and passionate. I enjoyed the entire story, but the ending just blew me away. It was so overwhelming, a wonderful treat for this die hard romantic. When I finished, I was thoroughly pleased. I can't wait to read more from Melody Grace. View all 16 comments.

Untouched is FREE!

Like at all. It's been a while since I rated a book with only 1 star. I really can't remember the last book that disappointed me so much. I struggled a lot while reading it and I almost DNF it. My mother-in-law recommended it to me and I had high hopes I'll enjoy it. Thank God it was free on site because I would have been sorry otherwise. I can't even find words to describe how much I didn't like it.

It's hard. So, the story dragged for too much, from the ve 1 star - I did not like it. So, the story dragged for too much, from the very beginning to the long-awaited ending we get to pity Juliet. This book is so FULL of angst and Juliet feels only pain and disappointment, when she's not busy about fantasizing about her first big love.

She never got over him and now she gets another chance to see him again. Even if she went to college and met a good, sweet guy, Daniel, she still suffers from the biggest disappointment: Like really bad. I found SO many cheesy scenes. We get only her POV, some scenes from the past, 4 years ago actually.

Oh and some of the dialogues got me really bored. I kept on reading because I still hoped something will happen to rise my interest, but it only got worse, with all her panic attacks, her crying that never ended AND the "big surprise", which was not so big and not even close of making me understand, or forgive Emerson I'm really sorry for not being able to find at least one good thing about it.

Maybe some of the hot scenes, but they were only a few, and felt too rushed and happening at a wrong time. They didn't really got a chance to speak their minds OR at least try to mend things. I can't remember the last time I felt such a HUGE relief after finishing a book or sticking with a story that was definitely not my cup of tea. View all 6 comments. Feb 19, Jamie marked it as to-read. This sounds really good and angsty! I don't like the cover though.. This book definitly needs another guy on the front Mar 12, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read.

I like the sound of this one!! Their love was demanding and all-consuming, but when summer I like the sound of this one!! Feb 19, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: Emerson made sure of that. She is tired of hiding, and keeping her real self-hidden, pretending that the life she has now is what she wants, and not what she dreamed.

The version I got repeated the last chapter at the end, which confused the hell out of me, thinking the book was done, only to reread the same chapter, and after a couple pages, I realized it was a duplicate, but still skimmed through it just in case I missed something. Feb 10, Paige Edward rated it it was amazing Shelves: This blew me away. The intensity, the romance, and hot hot Emerson.

And I loved Juliet's raw honesty, her intelligence, and the the big reveal at the end. I only hope there is more to come. I want to know what happens next with them. Feb 20, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: All those books and movies and poems I've read, this is what they all were preparing me for, the day when a strange man smiles at me, and makes me forget who I am.

I never usually write reviews because im just not that great with words but when I get totally surprised by books that I LOVE i just can't keep my mouth shut. So Jules has a summer romance with Emerson but he breaks her heart and when you realise when he does it you will realise why she is so devastated about it.

But 4 years later she has to go back to the town where her family's summer house is, to pack up the things as they are going to sell the house, but she runs into Emerson and one look and she is a goner poor Jules but he's always holding back you can tell through the book because he isn't the typical hero who says things that make you swoon really for the whole book you only know he loves her through Jules memories and the way they react to eachother when they are anywwhere near eachother.

Now to pinpoint what I loved about this book hmmmm gosh well Jules inner thoughts where hillarious at the beginning, and also devastating, she tried so hard poor thing just didn't realise how deep she was in it until it was too late and the secret! OMG that made the whole book because you knew there was something and it made all the moments have so much suspense but then when it didn't go the way you thought it would I had to think to myself is that real is that really what's going on.

But I could go on forever and never do it justice just read this book and you will see. This is also a HEA! Feb 19, Valerie rated it liked it. I have to say I reallllly enjoyed this book it was extremely well written and not too much angst which is great when you just want a break from some of these crazy town books haha I really enjoyed Juliet and Emerson's story but I would have definitely like more of a look in their past I didn't feel like I got to experience there serious desperate love for each other because I was missing their whole past!

I definitely felt how in love they were now but I would have loved to see how it began and I have to say I reallllly enjoyed this book it was extremely well written and not too much angst which is great when you just want a break from some of these crazy town books haha I really enjoyed Juliet and Emerson's story but I would have definitely like more of a look in their past I didn't feel like I got to experience there serious desperate love for each other because I was missing their whole past!

I definitely felt how in love they were now but I would have loved to see how it began and how it progressed in the short months they were together!

Also an epilogue would be great too because I'm a sucker for amazing futures lmao idk epilogues to me make the story complete like when you have an epilogue I feel if I think back on this story 10 years from now ill be like awe these characters are still together I know super corny hahaha But even so I truly enjoyed this book it was very good and kept me turning those pages!

So amazing job to melody grace! Just saying hahah: Ready set NOW Feb 19, Bethany rated it really liked it. Let me just say I need to find me an Emerson, that man is so passionate that he made me weak in the knees.

At just 18 Juliet falls fast and hard for Emerson. They spend a summer together so in love with each 4. They spend a summer together so in love with each other. Their passion for each ignites but can it last. I want more from Juliet and Emerson and the rest of the people we met at Cedar Cove. View all 5 comments.

Meant to Be (Sweetbriar Cove #1) - Melody Grace - Pobierz pdf z nvrehs.info

Feb 19, Sara rated it it was ok. The heroine rambled. A lot. It was too predictable and how can someone be so friendly getting dumped. Feb 21, Elizabeth Lee rated it it was amazing. So excited I got an ARC of this! Amazing characters and a wonderful story! A must read for all! Add it to your TBR now! Feb 19, Aishah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 09, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am a happy happy girl right now.

Why, might you ask? Yes…yes I am smiling: If I had to pick one word to describe them, it would be passion. Passion that knows no bounds.

Passion that drives them in SO many ways. What else did I like about this story…the flashes of the past, giving you a taste of what happened but always leaving you wanting more. I had that yearning for information, I craved their story, the desire to understand them and what happened to them — almost to the point of frustration, but a good frustration!

Jules is 18 when she meets Emerson, the love of her life. After all, pretending is what my family does best. She has a lot of walls built up to protect herself and rightfully so, having your world crushed down around you all in the span of one day would do that to anyone.

I really felt a connection with her, she was very relatable and I never once was frustrated, mad or angry with anything she did — which is really a breath of fresh air for a heroine. Especially when you fell head over heels ages ago…she was done for before she ever stepped foot in Cedar Cove.

I would know him in a hurricane, in a snow-storm, if I was deaf and blind. My body knows him by heart. God, how awesome is that? Four years and even thru the pain of all those memories, they still see thru to the best parts of the special relationship they had. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

Never being around him again. Grace credit, she tries to make you doubt Emerson, I never did. Believe me, there were times when I sat back and wondered…questioned…. I always want you Jules. Oh and what really gets me? My legs give way, and he holds me up, gripping my jaw so I have no choice but to stare up into his eyes. To lose myself in them.

Remember how I mentioned the good frustration — cue that part right about now! I ask for it…I know I do…and in the end I love it, but trust me…that is what I was doing internally…the entire time. Another thing I will reiterate — I. Worth every torture sucking, pull your hair out frustrating page. All your questions get answered and it makes their ending so beautiful and so worth it.

SO much. But I digress. Apr 11, Krista rated it really liked it Shelves: And I loved Emerson because he wasn't picture perfect. In fact, there were times when I thought he was the biggest d-bag ever. That was what made him full of awesome.

Juliet spent one summer falling in love with Emerson. It was the perfect three months until the end when her mother died and Emerson harshly dumped her for no apparent reason. Four years later, Juliet is slowly still trying to put the pieces of her hear 4. Four years later, Juliet is slowly still trying to put the pieces of her heart back together.

She's in a relationship with Daniel, and it's finally time to unload the house at Beachwood Bay. Juliet goes back to pack it up and runs into a very different Emerson. It soon becomes clear that even four years apart can't diminish the spark these two have. It can only complicate it. Unbroken brought on the feels. When you get so involved in the characters' lives that you get genuinely angry or frustrated at the stupid choices they make. You bawl like a baby when sad things happen.

You grin like an idiot when it all works out in the end. Juliet's and Emerson's relationship was really insta-lovey.

It was very "star-crossed lovers meeting in the night. It was clear from the very beginning that Juliet was living an unfulfilled life. I was sure that, even though we didn't get Emerson's POV, he was equally unhappy.

The big question that seeped in through the cracks in this book was, why? Why were these two apart when they should so clearly be together? And why was Juliet with someone else? The back story is interwoven with the story in the present as Juliet reminisces about the summer she fell in love. As the details of what went so wrong with them are slowly revealed, it does nothing but bring up more questions.

If Emerson was as in love with Juliet as he seemed to be, why did he break up with her? Why was he so mean about it? And why, for the love of Mike, did he decide that the day of her mother's funeral was the best day to do it?

It's no wonder Juliet was so destroyed. On top of that, I enjoyed quite a bit of loathing on Juliet's part for her father and sister. What horrid, selfish, messed up people. There's a scene where Juliet and Daniel have dinner at her sister's house with her and their father.

It was so awesomely cringe-tastic. It was in that moment when I stopped being annoyed at Juliet for making the safe choice and not going after what she really wanted. How can anyone with such an awful support system be expected to reach deep inside and make the really hard choices? I think that was the turning point for Juliet too. Melody Grace did a fantastic job of fleshing out her characters and not revealing their secrets too quickly.

The heat between Emerson and Juliet was so delicious. They were amazing together. The audio version was very well done, too. I would definitely look for the next book in the series in audio format. Loving the bookish feels the way I do, it turns out that Unbroken was the perfect book for me. It had just the right amount of secrets, angst and sexual tension.

And, of course an HEA. Mar 13, Allison Rivera rated it it was amazing Shelves: Find this review and many more here: I'm obsessed with New Adult books. This one is definitely one of my favorites!

This book was so awesome that I literally didn't stop reading until I was finished! I even skipped my afternoon class just to finish this and now I'm more behind than I already was but I don't care because this book was just epic and I loved it and I don't regret a second of it!

She plans to do so without encountering her ex Emerson, she doesn't want her feelings for him coming back to the surface when she has a good future and boyfriend waiting for her back home. Of course she runs into Emerson and she finds it hard to deny her feelings toward him. It's hard to get over the kind of love that Juliet and Emerson had.


I loved that Juliet was a character who didn't lie much to herself about what she wanted; we didn't get a bunch of chapters were she is denying her feelings so that was good! Oh, and Emerson! He was a jerk sometimes but soon you find out why he was that way. But omg was he hot??! Juliet and Emerson's relationship is one of the strongest that I've ever seen! It's epic plus hot and steamy. It's so full of passion, love and so much fierceness and I found myself wanting a relationship like that!

You just had to keep reading to see what those two would do next! My favorite scene was the sailboat scene: I can't wait to see how Juliet and Emerson's story started from the beginning in Melody Grace's upcoming novel Untouched coming on May 14! He covers the distance in a few short steps, and I barely have time to think before he grabs me, lifting me up and slamming me back against the doorframe as his lips come crashing down on mine again. In you. May 18, Dyndyn rated it it was amazing Recommended to Dyndyn by: That was one intense read.

I'm still reeling from it all and I loved it! She can't go back on that road again. She'll never survive it, if she did. So what was she doing driving to Cedar Cove?

She told herself she had to. Someone had to pack up their beach house in preparation for sale. No one else cared but her. Or so she told herself until she saw him again. Emerson, her hurricane. To describe Ju That was one intense read. The romance. The angst. The passion. And this one sizzles! It's hot, hot, hot! I loved it all. This book was shorter than most but it was oh-so-good! And I have Trish to thank for recommending this to me.

You were right, I loved it! Can't wait to read the rest of the series! Liked Brit, too, but I have no love for Carina. A great read! I highly recommended this story. View all 4 comments. Mar 11, Melly rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, hello, Unbroken! This book is a little treasure of intense love and passion. Hot passion. Emerson, Emerson, Emerson. Say it with me now, Emerson. I want to grab him and never let go. Maybe throw in a pinch or two. Okay, lick, nibble What's my other option?

Four years should be more than enough time to get over a breakup. Juliet though Well, hello, Unbroken! Juliet thought she had successfully sealed the doors to her memories of that amazing and wretched summer. Returning to Cedar Cove awakens everything she thought was buried. Your heart never forgets, even when your mind begs it to. Emerson and Juliet have a unique power over each other.

They consume, absorb, and ignite each other. It's pretty freaking delicious, if you ask me. Not his, not anyone else's. You can try and pretend you don't feel it, but you do.

You'll always be mine. I really liked this book. It was a quick read and pretty much addicting. Yeah, I kinda knew what was going to happen, but it didn't take away from me enjoying the journey to the end. I'm so glad I read it. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books by Melody Grace.

Feb 19, Autumn Review rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok, seriously I couldn't get enough of Emerson. I absolutely loved him! Unbroken for me was a really great read. I loved the story, but fell in love with the characters. This is Melody Grace's debut novel and I have to say I'm pretty excited to see what she comes out with next!

Juliet was a character that I could relate to. I empathized with her. She had an unstable home life and I felt like she was searching for love and affection.

She found that love in wild boy Emerson. However, Emerson isn' Ok, seriously However, Emerson isn't really wild. He's the backbone of his family.

His home life was also chaotic and he was left taking care of his siblings. So, just as Juliet and Emerson are enjoying their relationship, her mother dies and they break up.

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