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Owners of 2 comic book stores want the collection. The movie is very uneven, with characters morphing from just scheming crazies, to murderers. It is at this. Superheroes have never been more in the public eye, but people don't emerge from the latest Marvel movie and head to the comic shop. A feature-length documentary film from Anthony Desiato exploring the business, fandom, and community of comic book stores across America.

From Clerks[ edit ] Silent Bob's wardrobe - The dark jacket and other articles worn by Smith's character in his first film were the clothes he himself used to wear, but stopped wearing when the character became famous. Three extra feet of leather was sewn into the coat in order to achieve a cape-like effect. Smith comments, "They've got their Ash movie deal with Dreamworks now, but we've got the first Ash appearance in a movie. Allred's original pencils of some of the pencils have adorned the walls, with some darker lines visible that Ben Affleck traced over when, as Holden McNeil , he pretended to be drawing them himself. The artwork was actually created by producer Scott Mosier. Note the tinted plexiglass panels fitted over the door and windows to block out sunlight during filming, and the chair provided for customers whose transactions are filmed for episode segments. It's better than just getting permission.

The documentary film My Comic Shop Country will take you behind the scenes and capture the business, culture, and fandom of the local comic book store on a national level.

The movie will feature interviews with the stores' key players—owners, staff, and customers—and show the stores in action on Wednesdays AKA New Comic Day , during events e. If you love comics, then chances are there is a store that has meant a lot to your comic shop history. This documentary will show exactly why the local comic shop is such a beloved institution among fans.


Experience the challengers and rewards of retailers, and get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes in to the operation of this kind of business. For the non-initiated, this film will provide an accessible entry point into the comic book world. This film, like all of my previous works, will be about the people above all else—the larger-than-life personalities that live on both sides of the counter.

I funded the podcast and related travel personally. I am conducting this Kickstarter campaign now to bring the movie to life.

I plan to shoot the film on a Sony FS5. Stretch goals and incentives will be announced during the campaign. If the campaign reaches its goal this fall, I will spend the winter in pre-production and then begin filming in the spring. I expect to film and edit through the summer with an eye toward finishing the documentary in Fall This project, like all of my others, is a labor of love from someone who has lived in this world. The diehard Marvel readership were nicknamed "True Believers" back in the s when the publisher promoted itself as "the House of Ideas" and boasted a legendary staff bullpen led by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Buscema.

They introduced a level of melodrama, humor and trippy cosmic mythology that instantly reinvented the staid superhero template that had been set in the FDR era by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman over at archrival DC Comics.

Like today's Marvel films, the energy of those s comics issues won over a wider and older audience than previous superhero fare; in a poll of college campuses by Esquire, both Spider-Man and the Hulk joined Che Guevara and Bob Dylan in a ranking of favorite counter-culture icons.

Marvel in the s energized the entire comics industry by winning over an audience that was more grown-up but now with a fan base of collectors in their 30s , the publisher's readership is growing old.

The monthly comics are written to appeal to longtime fans, which means they often have very little in common with the current storylines of films such as Disney's just-released "Ant-Man and the Wasp" or television shows such as "Legion," "Daredevil," "Punisher" or "Jessica Jones. The movies aren't rescuing the comics; they're replacing them.

Curious fans of the screen heroes that manage to find a comic book store might not recognize the heroes they find in their namesake comics. In the case of Netflix's "Luke Cage," the same character that merits his own television series wasn't popular enough to hold to his own monthly comic book.

At Comic-Con, the Marvel television shows will be packing fans in to panel presentations with stars, but they will be separate and unconnected to the panels for comics readers. The cinematic Marvel stars and filmmakers will not attend this year's expo in San Diego at all, a testament to their secured spot as a commercial dynamo that no longer needs the promotional opportunities of Comic-Con. It adds up to a frustrating disconnect, according to Heidi MacDonald, editor in chief of the Beat, a comics industry blog.

So their point of view is, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But when you see the brand power outside of comics the question people ask is 'Are they doing as much as they could with that? Few people in Hollywood have more history with comic books adaptations than Michael Uslan, who began writing comic books in the s and used that expertise as an executive producer on Tim Burton's "Batman," the hit that launched a new generation of superhero movies.

Uslan recalled recently that top Marvel Comics executives treated him to a lavish Manhattan meal after the movie stirred fan interest in all comics and gave Marvel a hefty spike in sales. So now I really worry about comics. Any entertainment medium that can't connect with new generations, doesn't it have one foot in the grave?

Uslan and most longtime observers agree that on paper, at least, the future of Marvel appears far smaller than its past but that's not a world view shared by Dan Buckley, the president of publishing for Marvel Entertainment and an industry veteran who responds to the chorus of doomsayers with a survivor's chuckle.

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