Jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung pdf


Control elements and accessories. 4. Proper use. 6. For your safety. 6. The IMPRESSA C5 Manual. 8. Symbol description. Here you will find answers to your questions about your JURA product. Select the product line and then the model. The product manual in PDF format, tips on. The “IMPRESSA C5 Manual” has been awarded the seal of approval by the .. from the mains supply and contact the JURA service centre. If the power cable for .

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Jura Impressa C5 Bedienungsanleitung Pdf

The Jura Impressa user manual details how to use, how to clean and how to descale your Jura Fine Foam Frother Manual, PDF Impressa C5 Manual, PDF. User manual for the device Jura Capresso IMPRESSA C5. Online user manual database. Das ist die Ersparnis gegenüber JURA Originalpatronen: 29 JURA-. Wasserfilter CAPRESSO. IMPRESSA. Nespresso. C5* / C9* / C9* One Touch. E8 Führe den Wechsel der Patrone nach Deiner Bedienungsanleitung von. JURA durch.

The programmable switch-off time is now configured at 2 hours. Open the access door and note the further indicators in the maintenance field. Maintenance tips To ensure that you get many years' reliable service out of your IMPRESSA and to guarantee the optimum coffee quality, the machine requires daily maintenance. You should proceed as follows: Empty the coffee grounds container and the drip tray. Rinse them with warm water. Rinse the water tank with clean water. Wipe the surface of the machine with a damp cloth. To initiate the rinse operation, press the Rotary Switch. The rinse operation now starts and the Maintenance symbol h flashes. Rinsing stops automatically. Changing the filter o After 50 litres of water have been dispensed, the filter will cease to work.

Technical data Scope of delivery Switching on for the first time Coffee preparation Preparing coffee specialities Preparing coffee or espresso Preparing coffee-milk specialities Preparing coffee with coffee powder Individual settings Setting the grinding fineness Making individual settings for coffee preparation Storing personal settings Making personal settings quickly Quick Select Changing device settings Water hardness Water filter Energy savings options Resetting the device Daily cleaning Cleaning programs Rinsing the device Rinsing the milk system Cleaning the milk system Cleaning program Changing the water filter Cleaning the brewing unit Cleaning the bean container Display device information Tips for perfect coffee enjoyment License provisions General information 1.

Dive into the enjoyable world of coffee and milk specialities. Before you start, please take some time to get to know your machine with the help of the operating instructions. This will ensure that you will get the best possible results. Danger of severe injuries or damage to the device due to failure to heed the safety instructions and operating manual. GB —— Read the operating manual and the safety-related supplemental sheet in their entirety before you use the device.

Keep both documents in a safe place. For Your Safety Important notes for your safety are marked in a special fashion. Indicates notes that must be heeded to prevent a danger or injury or a danger to life. Indicates notes that must be heeded to prevent a danger of slight injury. Indicates notes that must be heeded to prevent a danger of property damage. Emphasises tips and other useful information. Version 3 Fill the water tank of the device only with cold, fresh non carbonated water, never with milk, instant powders, syrups or other flavouring substances and additives.

Caramelised coffee beans must not be used. Do not fill any liquids into the coffee bean container. The device is not suitable for built-in installation or for an installation under the counter. This device may be used by children age 8 and up when they are supervised and if they have been instructed about the safe use of the device and have understood the resulting risks.

Cleaning and user maintenance must not be carried out by children, unless they are 8 years old or older and are supervised. The device and its connecting cable must be kept away from children younger than 8 years.

Do not hold and carry the device with the power cable. After each use, in case of danger or defect, pull the power plug from the outlet immediately. For this reason, make sure that the outlet with the power plug of the device is easily accessible at any time.


Pull the power cable out of the outlets before you clean or carry out maintenance work on the device. It presents a suffocation risk. Hot water and hot milk at the coffee milk outlet of the device present a scalding risk.

Adhere to the information in the operating manual during the execution of maintenance programs. If in doubt, abort the process prior to completion. Pathogens can form in the device due to insufficient hygiene. In the event that you detect damage due to transport, immediately contact the dealer where you have purchased the device or SEVERIN customer service.

Never operate a defective device. Never operate a device that has fallen down.

The device does not contain any parts that you can repair yourself. Incorrect handling of the device can cause property damage. Technical data 4. The buttons have the function shown on the respective display.

Switching on for the first time When you switch your device on for the first time, it asks you for some basic settings. Plug the mains plug into the outlet. Turn the e-Select until the desired language is shown and confirm it by pressing the e-Select. Check the water hardness on a tap using the water hardness test strip. To do this, proceed according to the enclosed description of the test strips.

Use the e-Select to select the water hardness and confirm your entry. Rinse the water tank thoroughly with water. If desired, use the insertion aid to insert the water filter into the water tank fig. Version 3 43 GB fig. A water filter improves the water quality of the water used by removing contaminants and scale from the water. Here, make sure that the water tank hooks into the top of the device and lies close against the device.

As soon as the rinsing procedure is complete, the display shows the "Beverage selection" view. The device is now ready for operation.

Coffee preparation 6. Symbols Meaning To set the strength of the desired coffee. The device switches off automatically after a programmable switch-off time default setting: 1 hour.

Version 3 45 The device is operated using the e-Select and the control buttons. Fill the bean container with coffee beans Fig. Close the cover of the bean container.

Place a cup on the cup tray below the coffee-milk dispenser of the device and adjust the height of the coffee-milk dispenser to the cup height Fig. Press the e-Select.

If you would like to change the coffee quantity during dispensing, turn the e-Select while the coffee is being dispensed. The coffee dispensing stops automatically after the selected quantity has been prepared. It can also be stopped early by pressing the e-Select.

Open the cover of the bean container and wipe the bean container out with a dry and lint-free cloth. Also place a container filled with milk e. Coffee specialities prepared with milk are best if the milk is chilled to refrigerator temperature. Plug the milk tube onto the connection on the coffee-milk dispenser and hang the other end of the tube in the milk container Fig.

Make sure that the tube is submerged in the milk so that the milk can be drawn correctly by the device. Version 3 47 GB fig. If you would like to change the milk quantity during dispensing, turn the e-Select while the milk is being dispensed.

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The coffee dispensing stops automatically, but can also be stopped by pressing e-Select. It is recommended that you clean the milk system after each preparation.

Version 3 6. This is especially useful if you want to prepare a decaffeinated coffee, for example. Instead of selecting the strength of the coffee, use the button under the display field to select the symbol. After you have selected the desired water and milk quantities, press the e-Select. Open the cover of the bean container and fill the powder dosing chamber with coffee powder. Incorrect filling can damage the device. Turn the powder dosing chamber over Fig. Turn the powder dosing chamber back to the initial position and close the cover of the bean container.

Press the e-Select again. Version 3 49 1. GB fig.

Jura Capresso IMPRESSA C5 user manual

Individual settings 7. Select the grinding fineness according to the type of coffee you are using. For a light roast, you should set a high fineness; for a dark roast a medium fineness is optimal. The roast is normally printed on the coffee package. If the fineness setting is moved without grinding coffee beans, the grinder can be damaged.

Here's how to set the grinding fineness: 1. Place a cup on the cup tray below the coffee-milk dispenser of the device and adjust the height of the coffee-milk dispenser to the cup height. Open the cover of the bean container. By turning the e-Select, select a beverage. Now set the fineness of the beans on the grinder regulator. To do this, press the grinder regulator down and turn it Fig. Close the cover of the bean container again. For each coffee speciality, there are various preparation variants available.

The preparation variants listed below are available. Take this into account when selecting your cup. You can also make the settings temporarily before the preparation: 1.

Press the menu button for at least 3 seconds and use the e-Select to select the BEV. Select the coffee speciality whose settings you would like to change.

SEVERIN Coffee Maker Instruction manual | nvrehs.info

Select the setting that you would like to change. However the setting is not saved. Then press the menu button to exit the menu. Hold down the Filter button until the Filter indicator lights up. To avoid damage and any associated risk of injury or fire: Page jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung A defective machine is not safe and could cause injury or fire. JURA cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of improper use.

Manual descaling Manual descaling Turn the switch in jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung clockwise direction. After a few minutes, the coffee grounds container indicator Empty the container under the Connector System Empty the drip tray and the coffee grounds container. Troubleshooting 13 Troubleshooting Problem Grinder is making a very loud noise The coffee grounds container indicator flashing continuously The frother does not produce bedienungsanleitumg milk foam Coffee only comes jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung in drips Water hardness cannot be adjusted The maintenance indicator lights up and the bean container indicator continues to flash although it has been filled Preparing drinks at Preparing drinks at Prepare your favourite coffee speciality at the touch of a Your dealer will stock JURA cleaning tablets.

The milk foam will be prepared. It is finished with a bedienunganleitung of impfessa powder. Impressa Jura Jura Impressa C5 Bedienungsanleitung We will do everything we can to ensure that this genuine 2-cup Espresso and coffee fully automated machine continues to deliver pe. Control elements and accessories Control elements and accessories Power switch and cable see rear side 1 Switch for setting fineness of grind 17 2 16 3 15 14 13 4 12 11 5 10 6 9 7 Figure: Skip to content You are here: Only use fresh, cold bfdienungsanleitung to refill the water tank and never milk, mineral water or other liquids.

Press jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung Jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung button. Page 27 4 Recipes Thermoblock s-series for jura impressa s; jura impressa s; jura impressa x; jura impressa x; jura impressa scala; jura impressa ; jura impressa ; jura impressa c5 bedienungsanleitung impressa ; jura impressa evolution; jura impressa ultra; jura impressa bedienungsanleiting 34 pages. Supplied as st Supplied as standard andard The following items are supplied as standard: Remove the water tank and empty it.

The grinder will now start up, and the 1 coffee symbol D flashes.

Bedienkngsanleitung them from heat and direct sunlight. The machines, which are pro- duced in Switzerland, have already impressed independent, critical testers of goods and design award juries. In that case, prepare a different coffee spec ialit y. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. Jhra them from heat or direct sunlight.

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