If you have more than one Kobo account, make sure the account you're signed in to is the same account you used to download the book. Sign out and sign back in to. Downloading your books in EPUB or PDF format lets you export them to read on devices or apps from other manufacturers than Kobo. Not all manufacturers. TORONTO, Dec. 12th – With the last chapter of the year upon us, the annual Rakuten Kobo Book Report once again reveals insightful.

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Kobo Book Again

If you want to back up Kobo books from the cloud library to your computer disc, you'll find a simple step-by-step guide below. Kobo, like most. The Kobo eBookstore allows customers to download eBooks and Why do I have to input my email again when I place an order on the Kobo eReader Store?. Or, get off the beaten path and discover up and coming authors and books through Kobo Writing Life. Conveniently browse and download over Wi Fi.

Answered By: Mike E. While some Overdrive eBooks will work, occasionally after transferring an Overdrive eBook to a Kobo eReader, the eBook will display with a completely black cover. Attempting to open the eBook for reading will result in an error message: Oops! Please sign-in with theauthorized Adobe ID and try again. Advice found on the Web suggests trying several this to resolve this issue. Using older versions of Adobe Digital Editions. Factory Resetting your Kobo eReader. Performing much, or all, of the above in a precise order Sometimes one or more of these suggestions may resolve the problem for a particular eBook. However, the problem may immediately reoccur on a subsequent title. It seems that once a book fails, it will never work, short of steps including a factory reset. Winnipeg Public Library never recommends any product for download. A reliable alternative available in Canada would be a tablet device. If your main reason for downloading a tablet is for recreational eBook reading, a 7 inch tablet would be ideal for most people.

Allowing anyone to load any ePub from any source onto the eReader was sure to create some issues, but we'll just keep knocking them down one by one and making it better.

Good E-Reader Thanks for your post MT-KOBO the 2 months date came from a few users who called into tech support and that was the date given to them when they called in. We do know there is a few advanced fixed deleting the CSS file within the EPUB to reset the font problem, but the average user would probably find that methodology hard to employ, as it is an extensive process.

If you would kindly give us some updates via Email when you have the first round of fixes completed and we can let people know.

A fair ton of Kobo end users do read our blog and forum and giving them all the heads up would be grand. Daniel G Mine is working flawlessly. Yes, epubs that don't come from Indigo don't look like the epubs from Indigo. Having said that, the Kobo titles and the library titles I've downloaded so far are all readable, and the device has been rock solid stable since I've got it. Finally, although the Kobo software has also been stable and worked as expected.

I press update library to sync my downloads to it. Then I hit sync to get those downloads onto my ereader. That seems pretty straightforward to me.

Walmart eBooks by Rakuten kobo Coupons, Promo Codes & Cash Back

You can avoid it if you are using DRM-free titles or sticking to Kobo titles. So far I'm very impressed with Indigo and Co's ebook ecosystem. In many ways, I think it is superior to everything else out there cheap, comfortable and focused device plus a more or less platform agnostic ebook store that is very decently priced.

Good E-Reader Well, due to the cost effective factor of the kobo, many elderly and non tech people are downloading this problem.

We are not dissing the Kobo, its a great e-reader, at a great price, but it does some some small quirks and bugs with the firmware, and software. Do not forget its all v1 so updates are inevitable to fix these things. Jesus An easy way to fix the font issue is to either check the box to 'disable font rescaling' when you convert to epub format using calibre, or to open the epub file using 7-zip, winzip, or win-rar and deleting the 'stylesheet.

I saw this fix in a youtube comment and it has worked on everything I throw at it. Calibre also has a feature to grab all the news stories from tons of sites and convert them for you and transfer to your kobo. Since the converting is automated, you cannot disable the font rescaling, so for now you have to manually delete the stylesheet.

A bit of a hassle right now, but it works. Calibre also allows you to edit all the metadata for your books, so everything is sorted properly and it all fits in perfectly with the pre-loaded books. My library is growing nicely, and I make sure every book converts properly with the fonts scaling like they should.

I can't tell the difference between books I got off the web, and books I downloadd from the kobo store. Hopefully kobo can fix the issue with having to delete the stylesheet file to allow font rescaling.

Then it would be pretty much perfect. Oh, and the thing needs a friggin protector for the screen. I want to bring it everywhere with me, but don't want to damage it. Ruddy Thank you for updating the eReader community with these points. I'm curious why the Kobo has these issues, and my Sony Touch does not. Is it simply a software issue? And certainly you must have known about this prior to releasing the product. Thank you for your time. If you are interesting with it. Good luck!!!

John The Kobo said the nook is having issues with Font size from e-Pub books? I have the Nook and its been seamless, in fact the Nook actually has one of the better if not the best e-Pub format reader out there.

I don't know where that comes from. Know I'm not raggin on the Kobo as the Nook stumbled out of the gate as well but after the latest firmware updates, v. When a part has over pages, having to skip through many to get to where I was reading is a large annoyance. Is this normal???

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Niki Do you have a date for this? I will be returning my Kobo unless I can resolve this issue quickly. I am trying to download items from the public library and can't read them because the font is so small.

Apparently Calibre won't convert them because of the DRM issue with borrowed books. Kobo was a great idea but, I'm sorry to say, their website is of almost no help in dealing with issues. They seem to just want to sell books which I may download eventually but since I work for the library I need to know how to access these items as well We want to let everyone know, that if you want to fix up the font scale issue with Calibre, there was a new update today that allowed some EPUB fixed and font issues.

On a MAC anyway. Also, using the free program Calibre you can also load epub or pdf files to the ereader. I hardly use the Kobo software except when I've actually got a book from Kobo themselves. Removing books from the I'm Reading list is a bit of a pain but not a real issue for me. Once you finish a book it removes itself anyway. You don't need either Adobe Reader or Digital Editions if you don't intend to read the files on your computer.

When downloading from Kobo you can just save the file rather than opening in ADE.

Elle I'm about to give up on my Kobo. I might feel more hopeful if there was support available but it takes days to get a response to an email and even then canned responses are offered. I can now update with Calibre thank you for that tip but I am in the middle of a book and when I go back to it I am having to slog through the slow page turner times to get to the page I was on. Occasionally I turn on the device and find it has bookmarked and I am thrilled.

This also means that I have to remember what page I was on when I shut it off. I am also having trouble with the text changing font size mid read and I have to fix it. It is like invisible fingers keep pushing the font change button and it is a struggle and very frustrating.

Although I am surprised to find that I actually like reading on the device the technical problems are making it an exasperating experience. I think I may have to try the Sony. David If you are using a Windows machine, you can use a program that will leave the stylesheet. I found this works with a collection of ebooks converted to ePub by Calibre that I downloaded from the Baen free libary.

This is a case where Kobo's software follows the ePub specification with unpleasant results. Beats what I did with a couple of ebooks which involved using 7Zip to open the archive, extract stylesheet. Otherwise my main complaint is that the battery life isn't even close to advertised.

I don't think it can get any simpler. I have found, however, that PDF documents are smaller in font, but I actually prefer them because it is more like the hard copy of the book, so I'm changing the pages so often.

I love my ereader and am very happy I downloadd it. My only complaint is with the way you download books on the kobo website…my credit card put a flag on my account because I was making so many downloads in a short period of time…wish Kobo would do a shopping cart icon rather than downloading each book individually.

The problem with epubs did not hit me as hard as for some others that I have been reading about. I have a few websites that I frequent for ebooks. My favorite one Fictionwise allows me to re-download books I have previously downloadd in a different format. Most of my favorites I did in epub format and have no problem with adjusting the font size.

The only problem I did have was with PDFs. I hope others are able to re-download some of the books to help them in reading without a problem with font sizes. I can't figure out how to move titles at all. DNSB The only way I've found to remove books from I'm Reading is to open the book, use the table of contents to go to the last section and then page to the end.

Best ebook reader to buy in Kindle and Kobo battle it out | Expert Reviews

Blechh,,, Especially when the book doesn't have a table of contents so you page through the whole book. Double blechh… Removing books? If you are referring to the pre-loaded books, Calibre in it's later incarnations is able to remove them — well, actually, it modifies the database file to make them non-visible which keeps them from clogging up your library.

If it's not a preloaded book, Calibre can still remove it which also deletes the file s from the Kobo freeing up some space, Or you can simply delete the file from the Kobo and it will clean the database up when disconnected from your computer. If you're run into the font size issue, I've been using KoboBulkFixer which opens the ePub and deletes the font-size lines in the stylesheet. Better than deleting stylesheet. This is addressed in the latest firmware update I'm told but I can't test that until my daughter returns my Kobo — borrowed it to take some books with her on a trip to the USA and won't be back for a couple of more weeks.

Another issues I ran into was the apostrophe in a file name causing the Kobo to say the content was protected. This is supposed to have been fixed in the latest firmware as well but see the previous comment about my Kobo traveling without me.

Wayne Burns This device is very disappointing.

After the last update my reader will not update to my PC. Now none of the devices PC. Today, I tried to read a book on my PC and apparently each chapter has only one page? I did report this and got one of those will get back to you replies moritz This is a disfunctional device with crap documentation.

Neither the store-based reader, nor adobe digital editions can access it from mac OS X version The supplier and kobo help are just giving me a run around. Without a shopping cart function I am less likely to download all the books I want. Accidentally downloaded 3 different versions of Nicholas Nickleby. Just a text only version will do. You should have access to a stable Wi Fi connection so that you can re-download books onto your eReader.

Walmart and Kobo launch Walmart eBooks, an online e-book and audiobook store

Sync your eReader before continuing, so that you don't lose the most recent bookmarks, notes, or highlights that you added to your books. Most books for sale on kobo. There are also PDF books available for download, which you can manually add to your device.

Learn how to read EPUB3 files. While shopping on kobo. You'll usually see thumbnail pictures of devices and apps that are compatible with your eBook. If you don't see any thumbnails, that's because the eBook is in PDF format, so you'll need to add it to your Library manually.

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Back to Top. Because almost all the downloadd eBooks are protected by DRM, when the eBook store is closed, they also shut the content server, which will make your downloadd eBooks unable to be read anymore. Further more, the Adobe account, Sony account, and Kobo account would make your head mess up when you want to directly read Sony books on Kobo.

Therefore, this is not a recommended way. If you want to try it, here is a related guide. Transfer Sony books to Kobo via official channel As has been mentioned above, in March , all the US and Canada Sony eBook Store customers will receive a notification email which contains a personalized link, with this unique link they can transfer most of their download Sony books to Kobo account.

But there are also drawbacks of this method. Not all your downloadd Sony book would be able to be transferred to Kobo library, which means, even by official channel some of your eBooks will also turn unaccessible.

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