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Love Story Of A C.A. Student [Abhay K Hirawat C.A.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is based on the life of a very common man who . Hey guys! Before I start my story, I have to tell you'll that I'd typed this story out 2 weeks, actually 12 days to be precise, before my CA final exams and am just. Sep 12, CA Shailesh Haribhakti“Ajinkya has done a wonderful job of Accountants through the example of a fictitious story of CA Krishna Ku any CA student to thoroughly go through this book” - CA T.P. OstwalIs it Print Edition; eBook I Fell in Love and Landed Amongst the Stars: End of Love Marks New.

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Love Story Of A Ca Student Ebook

Simply stated, e-books have the potential to change the way our students .. At one point in Will & Kate: A Love Story, the text is "William knew that one day he would grow up to be king. .. Schugar, H.R., Smith, C.A. & Schugar, J.T. (). TumbleBookLibrary is a curated database of children's e-books, available by for tech-savvy kids, and teaches them the joy of reading in a format they'll love. and sound to create a compelling and enticing story book for students of all ages. Books for every story. The library is open · See more · The Price of Salt, or Carol · Patricia Highsmith · "A great American writer Highsmith's writing is wicked it.

This New York Times bestseller is a memoir for anyone who has ever fallen in love in Paris or with Paris. This is a memoir for anyone who has ever fallen in love in Paris, or with Paris. In this remarkably honest and candid memoir, award-winning journalist and distinguished author Kati Marton narrates an impassioned and romantic story of love, loss, and life after loss. Paris is at the heart of this deeply moving account. Marton paints a vivid portrait of an adventuresome life in the stream of history. Inspirational and deeply human, Paris: A Love Story will touch every generation. Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read.

This is something I realized after watching The Secret movie. Anyway for the exams in May, I began studying in February! I was focused on clearing it this time. However after a month and a half, the horrible feeling of boredom started to set in.

My productivity started declining. I was amazed!

There were rank holders here!! So I drew up my desired mark sheet and stuck it above my study table! She also learned of political turmoil and unrest during the student uprisings of This time the city was a place to fulfill her ambition and facilitate her career. She met the dashing and charismatic Peter Jennings and embarked on a passionate and tumultuous love affair and then marriage. When Kati next headed to Paris she was in the midst of a painful divorce from Peter, and she met Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the lasting love of her life.

Is there any piece of art or music that moved you when you first encountered it or that has made a lasting impression? Have you ever done anything reckless or extreme in the name of love? Is it a lifestyle you would enjoy? Have you ever had to choose between ambition and love? Do you know the story of your own ancestry? Does your family or anyone you know have a story of discovering something surprising about their heritage? Have you had to negotiate that balance?

Sports Stories

How have you made it work? Have you known any love like this? Do you or anyone you know have a similar story of knowing when a person was the perfect match?

Do you have any such place that you think of as especially belonging to you and a partner? Do you agree? Does Kati characterize it the way you would? Do you agree or disagree with any of her characterizations of Parisians or their culture? Do you have places where you go when alone so as not to feel lonely? Discuss their portraits of Paris and of humanity. The NPR culture was young and informal and there was plenty of scope for rapid advancement. Within a few weeks of being hired as a researcher I was handed a tape recorder and told to cover a news briefing at the State Department.

I was able to do long interviews with newsmakers — I mean half an hour long if it was interesting enough. It was a wonderful, wide open place where you felt the thrill of being part of something new that you could help to shape.

I was in my early twenties and I was having the time of life while still working on a graduate degree in International Relations at GW University. It was a whole different scene at ABC News. This was a well-established organization, top heavy with super stars like Barbara Walters and Peter Jennings my future husband. I was the newest and least experienced foreign correspondent and I lived day and night at the mercy of the New York assignment desk. I had a great ride. Balancing motherhood and professional ambition is never easy.

I always felt that I was letting somebody down: my employers, my children, my husband, and my own dreams. But I kept at it, until I found what suited me and my absolute commitment to have a family. But it was always a compromise. I gave up my glamorous life as foreign correspondent for the more solitary life of a writer. There were unexpected rewards, however, and I think for me it was the right call. I mean the human connections we form, the friendships, which take time, and of course becoming mothers, and not just at the margins of our careers.

Today, I would love to be covering the unfolding drama of the Middle East as populations long oppressed by dictators demand their rights — rights we have taken for granted for centuries.

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How often are interactions used in the book? Are the interactions strategically placed to enhance motivation without distracting the reader from the text? Do the interactions occur within the text, or are readers directed to another screen while reading?

In addition to these questions, it is of utmost importance that teachers look for well-organized texts with high-quality writing. Because the app market allows for the distribution of materials without the rigorous review process that is typical of traditional children's book publishing, more caution is necessary for choosing high-quality texts.

With exceptions, it is our experience that many interactive picture e-books are still lacking the polished quality of traditional texts. In Table 2, we provide examples of how we examined six exemplary interactive e-books in terms of the aforementioned four criteria. Table 2. Six Exemplary Interactive e-Books Book title 1 Vocabulary and inference support 2 Ratio of supporting and extending interactions to distracting interactions 3 Time required to engage in interactions 4 Frequency and placement of interactions How Rocket Learned to Read Average vocabulary support.

For instance, lilac bushes is unsupported. However, growl is explained both in text and by clicking a beagle-like dog.

Words such as wind and cold are also supported through inference. High number of distracting features early in the book. Words such as dig, when Rocket digs a hole in the snow, and mud, when readers can cover Rocket in mud, are good supporting interactions. Some fairly complex interactions such as shaking iPad or blowing into mic to simulate wind.

Readers can practice writing letters in snow, which could be time-consuming, but functions to extend the text's features.

Love story of a ca student - a book

Other interactions are very brief. Readers can manipulate characters, wind, and environmental setting leaves and mud. Wild About Books Superb vocabulary support. Most animals are identified with both a word and an image.

Fairly equal ratio of distracting features to supporting and extending features. The distracting features usually are simple manipulations e. Due to the abundance of interactions on each page, to manipulate all the interactions could take considerable time, but each interaction itself is brief i. Many in-text interactions on each page.

Interactions usually prompt animals to move and make noise. Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure Strong support for vocabulary inference comes from the quality of the static illustrations and their relationship to the words themselves. The level of interactivity has little to do with text support. The words and illustrations are well matched, but the actual ability to manipulate certain parts of the book i. Because the book lacks an overall sophistication i.

Readers can color illustrations in a separate feature of the e-book. Both in-text and out-of-text interactions. In the auto-play mode, the book reads and runs like a movie, limiting student-directed interactivity. Words can be pressed to highlight and move them on the page. Out of text interactions include coloring and a slideshow feature set to music. For instance, the use of glimpse and honeymoon are supported well through interactions. Some features e. Minimal extending features. Touch for sounds or movement.

All in-text interactions feature manipulating birds, sheep, and people like Will and Kate. Three to four interactions on each page placed around the text.

The Artifacts Excellent vocabulary support throughout the e-book. The majority of interactive features support or extend comprehension. Readers may spend considerable time with the abundance of available interactions.

Some pages could have more than 20 different interactions i. Storia e-book: Who Would Win? Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark Vocabulary is supported through static page text and illustrations. Some words can be selected and defined with a "look up" feature.

Notion Press

Some interactions support vocabulary development and inference. Interactions aid students in monitoring their comprehension through questions such as "Which of the following belongs to a killer whale?

Some interactions also build decoding and vocabulary skills. Features can be turned on or off by the teacher or parent. In-text interactions are placed sporadically throughout the text to support vocabulary, comprehension, and word recognition. All interactions have an educational purpose. The second criterion, interactions supporting and extending students' understanding of the text, is significant because more often than not, these features distract the reader from the text.

The fourth and final criterion we used to evaluate e-books relates to the frequency and placement of the interactive features in e-books because interactions that are placed sporadically throughout the text without overwhelming the reader are likely to be less disruptive to readers.

Subsequently, e-books that have multiple interactions on each page may be overwhelming to readers, particularly students who are still learning to read.

Paris: A Love Story | Book by Kati Marton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

Each book listed in Table 2 has many features that will support and motivate readers, yet they all have limitations in terms of distractibility. Thus, if these problems exist with some of the best and most supportive apps available, it is disconcerting to consider the hundreds of other apps that may have interactions that provide less scaffolding for comprehension and vocabulary and more opportunities for student distractions.

Furthermore, there are many interactive picture e-book apps available, and the aforementioned criteria can be used to determine the quality of their interactive features. We have incorporated our favorite, high-quality interactive e-books into the list below, organized by their difficulty and interest levels.

However, because the app marketplace is always changing and growing, we suggest also visiting reliable app review sites such as Digital Storytime digital-storytime. Blue hat, green hat. Go Clifford, go! New York: Scholastic Capucilli, A. Meet Biscuit. Nickelby Swift, kitten catastrophe. How Rocket learned to read. Miss spider's tea party. A fine musician. Will and Kate: A love story. Slice of bread goes to the beach. Who would win? Great White Shark. New York: Scholastic Sierra, J.

Wild about books. The artifacts.

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