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Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari-hari Pdf

contoh surat pemesanan barang dalam bahasa download ebook percakapan bahasa arab seharihari - belajar percakapan bahasa inggris sehari hari pdf. conversation mata kuliah percakapan bahasa inggris nadia sasmita ekspresi diatas. download percakapan bahasa inggris pdf - apakah anda perlu home english contoh percakapan sehari-hari dalam bahasa inggris. a,e,i contoh berdialog bahasa inggris - pdfthink - koleksi percakapan bahasa bahasa inggris sehari hari pdf download!. percakapan bahasa inggris gratis.

Don't patronize me. You know what it's supposed to look like! Sorry Sifu Hotman. And stop calling me that! Sokka: Hey, jerks. Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerk bending? Get out of here! Ok, take it easy. I was just kidding around. Jerk bending, still got it. Listen everybody; I've got some pretty bad news. I've lost my stuff. Don't look at me. I didn't touch your stuff.

Zuko:Well, they had a funny way of showing it. Zuko, something happened to the dragons in the last years. Something you're not telling me. My great-grandfather Sozin happened. Zuko: He started the tradition of hunting dragons for glory.

They were the ultimate firebenders. And if you could conquer one, your firebending talents would become legendary The last great dragon was conquered long before I was born, by my Uncle.

But I thought your Uncle was, I don't know, good? He had a complicated past. Family tradition, I guess. Let's just move on. It's locked up. It's a celestial calendar. Just like the Fire Sages have in their temples. I bet that Sun Stone opens the door, but only when sunlight hits it at just the right angle, on the solstice. Monkey feathers! The solstice again? We can't wait here that long. No we can't. But we might be able to speed time up.

Let's see if we can outsmart the Sun Stone. Nothing's happening. You know, Zuko, I don't care what everyone else says about you, you're pretty smart. They're just statues. It says this is something called The Dancing Dragon.

Zuko, get over here. I want you to dance with me. Let's follow the steps of the statues. Aang: Don't you see? These aren't dance moves. These statues are giving us a lesson.

I think this is some kind of Sun Warrior firebending form. This better teach us some really good firebending. It's some kind of mystical gem stone.

Remember what happened out there with those spikes? I'm just very suspicious of giant, glowing gems sitting on pedestals. It feels almost alive. Oh, no, it's another trap! Ugh, I can't pull free. It's like some kind of glue. I can't move. Zuko, do something! I can't move either.

It stopped. At least we have air. Maybe if we stay calm we can figure a way out of this. You had to pick up the glowing egg, didn't you? At least I made something happen. If it were up to you, we'd never have made it pass the courtyard. Who are you yelling to? Nobody's lived here for centuries.

Well, what do you think we should do? Think about our place in the Universe? We didn't come here to take your Sun Stone. We came here to find the ancient origin of all firebending. Ham Gao: Yeah, right. They are obviously thieves, here to steal Sun Warrior treasures. Aang: Please, I don't normally play this card, but I'm the Avatar. Or at least, I used to be. I know my people have distorted the ways of firebending But now I want to learn the true way When we came here, I never imagined the Sun Warrior civilization was secretly alive.

I am truly humbled to be in your presence. Please, teach us. If you wish to learn the ways of the Sun, you must learn them from the masters Ran and Shao. Ran and Shao? There are two of them? When you present yourselves to them, they will examine you. They'll read your hearts, your souls, and your ancestry.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari

If they deem you worthy, they'll teach you. If they don't, you'll be destroyed on the spot. Sun Warrior Chief: If you're going to see the masters, you must bring them a piece of the eternal flame. This fire is the very first one. It was given to Man by the dragons. We have kept it going for thousands of years. I don't believe it. You will each take a piece of it to the masters Um, Mister Sun Chief, sir?

I'm not a firebender yet. Couldn't my friend here carry my fire for me? This ritual illustrates the essence of Sun Warrior philosophy. You must maintain a constant heat. The flame will go out if you make it too small. Make it too big, and you might lose control.

I'm just a little nervous. It's like a little heartbeat. Fire is life, not just destruction. You will take your flames up there. The cave of the masters is beneath that rock. If I walk too fast, my flame will go out. Your flame's gonna go out because it's too small.

You're too timid. Give it more juice. But what if I can't control it? You can do it. I know you can. You're a talented kid. Facing the judgment of the firebending masters will be very dangerous for you. Your ancestors are directly responsible for the dragon's disappearance. The masters might not be so happy to see you.

Ham Gao: I know I wouldn't be. But once they find out I'm the Avatar Have you forgotten that you vanished allowing the Fire Nation to wreak havoc on the world? The decline of the dragons is your burden too. We could turn back now. We've already learned more about fire than we hoped.

See you next time : Sampai ketemu lain kali i. See you again : Sampai ketemu lagi j. See you tomorrow : Sampai jumpa besok k. See you to night : Sampai jumpa nanti malam l. See you on Sunday : Sampai ketemu hari minggu m. Good luck : Semoga berhasil n.

Wish you luck : Semoga beruntung o. All the best : Segala yang terbaik untukmu p. God bless you : Tuhan memberkatimu B. Example Conversation I Mr. Jimmy : Hi, Tom Hai, Tom. Tommy : Hello, Mr. How are you today? Hallo, Pak Jimmy. Bagaimana kabar anda hari ini? Jimmy : Im fine, thanks. And you? Saya sehat-sehat saja, terimakasih. Dan kamu? Tommy : Pretty God, thank you.

Baik-baik saja terimakasih. Jimmy : Where do you want to go? Kemana kamu mau pergi? Tommy : I want to download a kilogram of sugar in the store. Saya mau beli gula satu kilo di warung. Jimmy : Oh really? Oh begitu ya? Sampai ketemu lagi Tom.

Tommy : Good bye Mr. Selamat tinggal Pak Jimmy. Hai, Selamat pagi Susan? Susan : Good morning Rob, What is it? Pagi Rob, Ada apa ya? Robbie : Would you like to go with me to the cinema tonight? Kamu mau nggak pergi ke bioskop sama aku malam ini? Susan : Sure Tentu saja. Robbie : Nice to hear that, I will pick you up at 7.

Duuh senang nya, aku akan jemput kamu jam 7. Susan : If that so, see you tonight Rob. Kalau begitu, sampai ketemu nanti malam Rob. Robbie : See you Da daah.. Apologizing statement a. I am sorry : Aku minta maaf b. Sorry : Maaf c. Excuse me : Permisi d. Pardon me : Maafkan aku e. I beg you Pardon : Aku minta maaf f. Please forgive me : Mohon maafkan saya D.

Answer a. Its okay : tidak apa-apa b. Dont mention it : jangan sungkan c. Forget it : Lupakan saja d. Its just fine : tidak apa-apa e. Dont worry about it : jangan hawatirkan hal itu f.

Its all right : tidak apa-apa g.

I forgive you : saya maafkan kamu. Example Example 1 Bobby : Halo, Janet how are you to day? Halo Janet apa kabar nih? Janet : Just fine, how about you? Baik-baik saja, bagaimana dengan kamu? Bobby : Im fine too, thanks. By the way do you bring my physic book? Aku juga baik-baik saja. Ngomong-ngomong apa kamu membawa buku fisika ku?

Janet : Ups, Im sorry, I forgot to bring it. Duuh, Maaf. Aku lupa membawanya. Bobby : Its all right, but dont forget to bring it tomorrow, okay?

Ngaak apa apa, tapi jangan lupa membawanya besok, ya? Janet : Okay, dont worry. I will bring it tomorrow. See you Bob. Oke, jangan hawatir. Aku akan membawanya besok. Sampai ketemu besok. Bobby : Bye, Janet. Daah, Janet. Example 2 Cindy : Hello Matt, How is my dog? Hallo Matt, Bagaimana keadaan anjingku? Matthew : Uh oh actually there is something. Uh oh sebenarnya ada yang mau kukatakan. Cindy : What is it Matt?

Did you treat my dog very well during my holiday to French? Ada apa Matt? Kamu merawat anjingku dengan baik kan selama aku berlibur ke Perancis? Matthew : Please forgive me, your dog is dead. I forget to feed him for two days. Tolong maafin aku, anjingmu mati. Aku lupa memberinya makan selama dua hari. Cindy : What have you done?

How could you forget to feed Blacky? Apa yang kau lakukan? Bagaimana mungkin kamu lupa memberi makan si Blacky? Matthew : I am so sorry.

I am so busy with my essay.

Materi Pelajaran

I forgot about him. Aku minta maaf. Aku sangat sibuk mengerjakan essay ku. Aku jadi melupakannya. Cindy : Forget it. I wont speak to you anymore. Jangan harap. Aku nggak akan pernah ngomong sama kamu lagi. Congratulating Statements a. Congratulation : Selamat b. Happy birthday : Selamat ulang tahun c. Happy feast day : Selamat d. Happy New Year : Selamat tahun baru e. Happy anniversary : Selamat hari jadi f.

Happy Lebarans Day : Selamat hari Lebaran g. Merry Christmas : Selamat Natal h. Congratulation to you : Selamat buat kamu i. Congratulation on you : Selamat untukmu j. Congratulation on your married : Selamat atas pernikahanmu k. Congratulation on your promotion : Selamat atas kenaikan pangkatmu l. Congratulation on your getting new job : Selamat atas pekerjaan barumu m. I am happy to hear you success : Saya gembira atas kesuksesan anda n. How lucky you are : Betapa beruntungnya kamu B Reply a.

Thanks : terima kasih b. Thank you : terima kasih c. I am not that good : aku enggak sehebat itu d. Thank you very much : terima kasih banyak C. I am so happy to day. Hallo, Jack! Aku gembira sekali hari ini. Jacky : What is it going on, friend? Ada apa nih? Eric : It is about Rose. She accepted me as her boyfriend. Ini tentang Rose. Dia menerimaku jadi pacarnya. Jacky : Well, thats great! Congratulation, man.

Wah, hebat! Selamat ya. Eric : Thanks! Terima kasih. Ann : Thanks, Ben. Do you always remember my birthday? Terima kasih Ben. Apa kamu selalu ingat ulang tahunku. Ben : Sure I do, what if I treat you for dinner tonight? Tentu saja, bagaimana jika aku traktir makan malam malam ini? Ann : It sounds good. Sure I will. Kedengarannya asyik. Tentu saja aku mau. Ben : Great. Ill pick you up at seven p. Aku jemput jam 7 ya. Ann : Okay. See you tonight Ben. Sampai ketemu nanti malam Ben.

Ben : See you. Example III Mr. Smith : Hello, Honey. I got a good news for you. Do you want to hear it? Hallo Sayang. Aku ada berita bagus nih buat kamu. Mau dengar nggak? Smith : Sure, What is it? Tentu saja. Ada apa? Smith : I got a promotion. My boss said that he is going to promote me as the manager soon. Aku dapat kenaikan jabatan. Bosku bilang ia akan segera mengangkatku jadi manajer. Smith : Oh dear. What a good news. Congratulation honey!

I am so glad to hear that. Benar benar berita bagus. Selamat ya saying! Aku senang sekali mendengarnya. Smith : Thanks baby. Terima kasih Sayang. List of Expressions Wow good job : Wah, kerja bagus. Good work friend : Kerja yang bagus kawan. Nice try : Kerja bagus Nice work!

Reply Thanks : terima kasih Thank you : terima kasih I am not that good : Aku tak sehebat itu Thank you very much : terima kasih banyak C. How are you doing? Hallo, Matt. Apa kabar? Matthew : Im very well, thanks. What about you? Aku baik-baik saja, trims. Bagaimana denganmu?

Ricky : Pretty good, Pals. By the way I heard from Jim that you won the English competition last week. Mathew : Yes, I did. Ya, begitulah. Ricky : That was awesome man. You are great. Wah, keren banget man. Kamu memang hebat. Mathew : Thank you. Would you want some ice cream?

Ill treat you. Kamu mau es krim nggak? Ku traktir deh. Ricky : It sounds good. Lets go. Kayaknya asyik. Mathew : Yeah, come on. Ya, cepat. Ayo berangkat. Take a look at this!

What do you think about my new dress? Hai, Kelly. Coba lihat! Apa pendapatmu tentang baju baruku ini? Kelly : Wow. What a nice dress. You look so beautiful. Baju yang sangat indah. Kamu kelihatan cantik sekali. Jane : Thank you very much.

Terima kasih banyak ya. Kelly : You are welcome. Where do you live? Beverly hills, Blok B, nomor 9. Where do you come from? What is your religion? What is your tribe? Rudolph : Ayah saya adalah Bapak Rudolph Who is your mother? Joanna : Ibu saya adalah ibu Joanna How many brothers and sisters do you have?

What is your sister name? What is your favorite drink? What is your favorite music : Apakah musik kesukaanmu? Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite band? Example: Kevin : Hi, How do you do? Hai, salam kenal?

Caroline : How do you do. Salam kenal. Namaku Kevin OBrian, beleh aku tahu namamu? Caroline : My name is Caroline Smith. But you can call me Carol. Namaku Caroline Smith.

Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Sehari

Tapi panggil saja Carol. Kevin : Nice to meet you Carol. Senang bertemu denganmu Carol. Caroline : Nice to meet you too, Kevin. Senang berkenalan denganmu juga Kevin. Kevin : By the way, where do you come from Carol?

Ngomong-ngomong kamu berasal darimana Carol? Caroline : I come from England. What about you Kevin? Aku berasal dari Inggris. Kamu sendiri darimana Kevin? Kevin : I am the native here.

I am an American. What are you doing here? Aku orang asli sini. Aku orang Amerika. Apa yang kau lakukan di sini? Caroline : I am visiting my aunt and spending my holiday here.

Aku mengunjungi tanteku dan berlibur di sini. Kevin : By the way, how old are you Carol? Ngomong ngomong , berapa umurmu Carol? Caroline : I am 21years old. Umurku 21 tahun. Kalau kamu? Kevin : I am Are you a college student? Aku 22 tahun. Apa kamu seorang mahasiswa? Carol : Yes I am.

I study in Harvard University. How about you? Aku kuliah di Universitas Harvard. Kevin : I study Biology in Colorado University. What subject do you take Carol? Aku kuliah Biologi di Universitas Colorado. Jurusan apa yang kamu ambil Carol?

Carol : I study about Ecology. Aku mengambil jurusan Ekologi. Kevin : It seems great. Well, if you want to walk around, I will be so glad to accompany you.

Kayaknya keren. Hmm, kalau kamu ingin jalan-jalan, aku akan dengan senang hati menemanimu. Carol : Its a pleasure, if you dont mind. Lets go! Tentu saja, kalau kamu tidak keberatan.

Ayo kita pergi! Kevin : All right Baiklah. Isinya tentang seseorang yang mau pergi ke rumah pamananya untuk memberi hadiah ultah. B : Oh, hello William.. How are you? A : Im fine. Thank you. B : Im fine, too. You bring a lot of things. Where do you want to go, anyway? A : I want to go to my uncles house. A : Yes, tomorrow is my uncles birthday. B : Really..!? A : Yes Erick. B : And have you download something special for your uncle?

A : Yes, I have. B : May I know, what is it? A : Of course. I bought a very good wallet. Made in Italy. B : Wow Your uncle must be happy to receive it. B : By the way, are you alone to go there? B : If you dont mind, I can escort you till there by car. A : Are you serious!? A : It takes about 2 hours, you know.

B : Its okay, william. A : You are very kind to me. Thank you so much, Erick. B : You are my friend. And dont be silly. A : Oh, okay. Please, forgive me. B : Then, shall we go now? B : Good. Lets go now.

B : Oh, halo William.. A : Aku baik-baik saja. Gimana kabarmu? B : Aku juga baik-baik saja. Kamu membawa banyak sekali barang. Memangnya mau kemana? A : Aku ingin pergi ke rumah paman ku. B : Oh, begitu. A : Iya. Besok paman ku berulang tahun. B : Benarkah? A : Iya, Erick. B : Dan apakah kamu sudah membeli sesuatu hadiah istimewa buat paman mu? A : Iya, sudah. B : Boleh aku tau apa itu? A : Tentu. Aku membelikannya sebuah dompet yang sangat bagus sekali.

Buatan Italy. B : Wow Pamanmu pasti sangat senang sekali menerimanya. A : Aku juga berharap begitu. B : Ngomong-ngomong, apakah kamu pergi sendirian aja ke sana? A : Iya benar.

B : Kalau kamu tidak keberatan, aku bisa mengantarkanmu sampai ke sana? A : Apa kamu sungguh-sungguh? B : Iya. A : Bisa memakan waktu selama 2 jam, lho? B : Gak apa-apa William. A : Kamu baik sekali. Terima kasih banyak yah Erick. B : Kamu kan teman ku. Jangan jadi bodoh. William : Oh, maafin yah. A : Kalau begitu, apakah kita berangkat sekarang aja? William : Baiklah. B : Bagus. Yuk, kita berangkat sekarang. Roasted Fish A : Do you like eating fish?

B : Yes, I like salted fish. A : I also like eating fish. I like roasted fish. B : Where do you usually download it? B : What time do you usually go there? A : It opens from B : How much is it?

B : Is the price including rice and vegetable? A : Yes, including rice, vegetable, and hot or sweet sauce. B : How about the drink? A : Drink is not included. You should pay extra for the drink.

B : One day, please take me there. A : Yes, my pleasure. B : Thank you. Ikan Bakar A : Apakah kamu suka makan ikan? B : Ya, aku suka ikan asin. Bagaimana dengan kamu? A : Aku juga suka makan ikan. Aku suka ikan bakar. B : Dimana biasanya kamu membelinya? A : Kalau aku punya waktu, aku biasanya membelinya di sebuah warung kecil di pinggir pantai. B : Jam berapa biasanya kamu ke sana? A : Bukanya mulai jam 3 sore sampai sekitar jam 10 atau 11 malam. B : Berapa harganya? A : Kalau yang kecil, sekitar Rp B : Apakah harga itu sudah termasuk nasi dan sayur?

A : Ya, sudah termasuk nasi, sayur, dan sambal pedas atau manis. B : Bagaimana dengan minuman? A : Minuman tidak termasuk. Kamu harus membayar extra untuk minuman. B : Kapan-kapan, ajak aku ke sana ya. A : Ya, dengan senang hati. B : Terima kasih. Cat A : Do you have cat at home? B : Last time I had, but now no. My mother doesnt like cat. A : I have one male cat. The hair is yellow and white.

I like him very much. I often play with him. B : Do you make a special house for him? A : No, I dont make it for him. B : Where does he sleep? A : More often outside the house. But, if it rains, in the living room. B : What do you usually feed him? A : He likes salted fish. Sometimes I download special cat food for him. A : Temporary dont have it first.

Maybe later, if she has changed her mind. B : Thank you for your advice. Kucing A : Apakah kamu punya kucing di rumah? B : Dulu aku punya, tapi sekarang tidak. Ibuku tidak suka kucing. A : Aku punya satu kucing jantan. Warna bulunya kuning dan putih. Aku sangat menyukainya. Aku sering bermain dengannya. B : Apakah kamu membuatkannya kandang khusus?

A : Tidak. Aku tidak membuatkannya kandang. B : Dimana dia tidur?

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