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It is important that a definitive diagnosis be determined as quickly as possible so that an appropriate treat- ment plan can be established to minimize medical, psychological, and social complications. Alongside more than 30 years working in the field of genitourinary anom- alies, a considerable number of widely variant cases of congenital diseases affecting penis were collected and it is time now to put all in a text work as a guide for proper dealing with such anomalies.

Therefore, this textbook will stand to provide a comprehensive but concise data for almost all congenital diseases and anomalies affecting the penis; explaining the embryological and anatomical background, incidence, histori- cal notes, appropriate investigations, imaging and proper management, this book is packed with colour photographs of the abnormalities of the penis, as well as abnormalities of the prepuce, and male urethra.

To find out exactly which subjects have been covered you can go to the index to see the wide variety of topics, but they vary from the common, e.

This book is valuable for the experienced paediatric urologist to use as an occasional reference, and probably very use- ful for teaching as it will form the basis of discussions of both the common and rare abnormalities. Many congenital penile diseases like penoscrotal transposition, median raphe and intact prepuce megameatus anomalies are re-classified with new entities added to the previously described categories; like central penile scro- talization and caudal scrotal regression in penoscrotal transposition, and cen- trally located megameatus without hypospadias or epispadias in megameatus chapter.

Also in prepuce section a new anomaly of microposthia is described with some details. At the meantime the common anomalies like hypospadias and bladder exstrophy are not discussed herein as the reader can find a lot of literature explaining it elsewhere, only variant of hypospadias and primary epispadias are considered.

Despite this book is dedicated for congenital anomalies of the penis, we opted to add some acquired diseases, which may had a congenital background, like balanitis and balanoposthitis; also from my experience in dealing with a huge number of cases of circumcision and its complications, I found the congenital penile anomalies like micropenis, webbed penis and penile chordee had a great impaction in the incidence of such complications, so we discussed this complications briefly in one chapter.

I hope this textbook will add a deep insight into the congenital diseases of the penis and will help early detection of such diseases during childhood, which had a great impaction not only in sexuality and fertility but also in the psychological makeup of the child.

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