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Islami-urdu-books-saif-ul-malook-part1-part2-part3pdf_format. Ocrlanguage not currently OCRable. Ppi Saif-ul-malook-complete-volume. nvrehs.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Saif-ul-malook translated verses. Saif-ul-Malook by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is considered in the same league of Sufiana Kalam such as Heer Waris Shah and Bulleh Shah Kaafian.

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Saif Ul Malook Pdf

Saif ul Malook, The renowned epic by Hadrat Mian Mohammed Bakhash (RA) in Pahari language is a house hold item in Pahari society. Saif-ul-Malook. Actually the real name of the book written by. Mian Mohammad Bakhsh is Safar-ul-Ishq (THE JOURNEY. OF LOVE) but it is publically known as. Saif ul Malook by Mian Mohammad Bakash (RA) The great Pahari epic,created by Sahil Maqbool. Sahil Maqbool. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version.

Thirumalai, Ph. Editors: B. Mallikarjun, Ph. Sam Mohanlal, Ph. Sharada, Ph. Fatihi, Ph. Lakhan Gusain, Ph. Jennifer Marie Bayer, Ph. Ravichandran, Ph. Baskaran, Ph. Ramamoorthy, Ph. His mystic vision of life encompasses the very somber themes and great realities of universe in general and life in particular. The prince happens to see the picture of the fairy on an old sovereign stamp and falls in love with her. After a long series of trials and toils the prince reaches the fairy and weds her.

Source: dailytimes. The tale is about a prince named Saif-ul-Mulook, a prince who fell in love with a princess named Badi-ul-Jamal. Saif was a wealthy prince who hailed from Egypt. Inheriting his riches from his forefathers, the prince was much loved by his father. One night, prince Saif dreamt of a lake and a fairy.

Waking up to reality, he went to his father and told him about his dream of the beautiful fairy and the lake. He instantly fell in love with the fairy.

He asked his father, how do I find this fairy? How do I be with her? After many years, he ended up in Naran, Pakistan. There, he met a saint wali of Allah.

He asked the saint how he could meet the fairy he dreamed of. The saint told him that there was a mountain hill and behind it is a stone, where you need to pray to Allah Almighty for 40 days and after that, you will know how to find your fairy. The Jinns brought the prince near the lake where two fairies were taking a bath.

The prince happens to see the picture of the fairy on an old sovereign stamp and falls in love with her. After a long series of trials and toils the prince reaches the fairy and weds her. Mian Muhammad Buksh has described the tale in symbolical and allegorical stance.

I have ventured to translate the selected verses of the epic in English to Language in India www.

Translated Verses. Translated Verses The same as Saffron is cheaper in Kashmir where it is abundant but its true value can be judged while to be downloadd from Lahore where it is not found easily.

It is better to be silent Muhammad Buksh than utter such verse. The words of the poet devoid of pain are impact less.


Muhammad Buksh everything is valueless in its native place but esteemed abroad. Kaisar sasta hay Kashmiray. If there is no burning fire of love in your heart and soul. There is no poetry without pain likewise there is no smoke without fire.

The only cure is the union Language in India www. Talib himat kr ke chalay. He can be considered imbecile not knowing the predicament of the soul. The ailment of the heart and soul are worst in a sense that no nostrum can reach them. He was wise.

I invoke the Divine providence of courage as Muse who will make me write the tale successfully. Love blew the trumpet to fight a duel with reason to the extent that all the visible doors of his fragile and misleading brain got closed and the hidden oriels of his soul leading to Divine Reality were opened at once. He intended to wander from place to place in pursuit of the fairy.

God Almighty endows him with the sweet reward of his pursuit. She was looking so charming that it beggared all description. He will perform difficult tasks as Superman and reach the places where none can. Language in India www. Like Superman he intends to wander in alien lands and undergo trials and sufferings on high mountains. I came in your dream to invite you and tell you the way to reach me.

After some distance in the stream there comes the sea of eternal life and Divine love.

Land is symbolical of barren frame of man which leads nowhere unless it is watered by the spiritual love and lighted by the Divine illumination. I myself am infatuated by you and my love is more powerful than yours. The fairy advised the prince to travel by sea.

Muhammad Buksh. The boat will break into pieces as it is destined to quit during the journey of soul towards the eternal reality. Only then one can embrace the lover or the eternal Truth when he breaks fragile body -links with this world of misleading happenings. The prince in this epic stands for soul.

She told that the prince would never be able to reach the destination over land.

Saif Ul Malook Urdu PDF Book By Iqra Tariq - Urdu Library Pk

The wave of the sea can be taken for the wave of unfathomable love. This sea will lead the prince into a new direction when he leaves the stream of this fragile life. The stream in which to sail the boat. The stream sea to sail in.

Saif-ul-Malook ; The Lake of Fairies in 1870's

The apes captured every person accompanying the prince and the prince himself got imprisoned there. He endured every suffering all alone in that wilderness where there was Language in India www.

The Eternal Truth or The fairy in symbolical connotations. He pledged to himself that he would continue to search the fairy till his last gasp. Ainwain lor karainda marsan jis din umer wihani. Every ape was horribly gigantic. So it is evident that the Divine love and pursuit is not an easy task.

Either he will find her or lose his life. The prince felt helpless as neither they could be easily killed nor they let the prince go. I will never stop wandering until reach my destination. It puts the man in endless trials before the acquisition. There was no city or village in the vicinity and no human being but for himself. Iron is the craze of magnet same as the beloved reality is the craze of Divine lover. External charms do not affect the internal reality as magnet clings to the iron irrespective of its worthlessness.

Even fire cannot burn those straws upon which rains the cloud of Divinity.

Where there is spiritual love. Divine love. The prince. As love does not change its axis in any situation so the Divine lover cannot replace his beloved uninfluenced by external charms. Muhammad Buksh! He used to eat dry fruit and drink heavenly water to feed his body. Charms strikes the sight but merit wins the soul and Divine love is the merit of selected ones. It does not cling to the bright and precious jewel like diamond.

It should not blemish the Divine love. Those whose love is divine one.

Lakh museebat jhag na milya. His whole existence centers on this pursuit. He thought that death could rid himself of that pitiable plight. Aqal kahay kiun kamla hoyoun? Insight soul pleads that Sight body should be wise. Aqal shehzaday nu phir warjay. The desire nourishes the hope of the object which is physically in sight or hearing. Sight body answers that it seems difficult to reach the Divine Reality fairy as there is no clue to excess.

Insight soul pleads that the divine lover never desist from Divine Reality. The prince decides to die but his Insight soul pleads that the prince should be sane enough not to do so. If the body has undergone so much misery why not endure a little bit more. Nafs kahay hun kithun milsi.

Hankering after the invisible and abstract is useless.

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