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PDF | One of the most difficult challenges in engine technology today is the urgent need to increase engine thermal efficiency. Higher efficiencies mean less fuel. PDF | In today's world, the usage of internal combustion engines is We have also considered cylinder's position in six stroke engine. As the. Internal Combustion Engine while maintaining its prime focus on six stroke soon be revolutionized by a new six- stroke design which adds a second power.

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Six Stroke Engine Pdf

In six stroke engine. The pistons go up and down six times for each injection of fuel. These six stroke engines have two power strokes: one by fuel, one by steam. CONTENTS. Introduction. How six stroke engine works. Working principles. Specification of six stroke engine. Comparison of six stroke engine with four stroke. Get More Information about Six Stroke Engine PDF Download by visiting this link. Six Stroke engine, the name itself indicates a cycle of six.

The term six-stroke engine has been applied to a number of alternative internal combustion engine designs that attempt to improve on traditional two-stroke and four-stroke engines. These engines can be divided into two groups based on the number of pistons that contribute to the six strokes. The pistons in this type of six-stroke engine go up and down three times for each injection of fuel. These designs use either steam or air as the working fluid for the additional power stroke. The designs in which the six strokes are determined by the interactions between two pistons are more diverse. The pistons may be opposed in a single cylinder or may reside in separate cylinders. Usually one cylinder makes two strokes while the other makes four strokes giving six piston movements per cycle. The second piston may be used to replace the valve mechanism of a conventional engine, which may reduce mechanical complexity and enable an increased compression ratio by eliminating hotspots that would otherwise limit compression. The second piston may also be used to increase the expansion ratio, decoupling it from the compression ratio. Increasing the expansion ratio in this way can increase thermodynamic efficiency in a similar manner to the Miller or Atkinson cycle. These designs use a single piston per cylinder, like a conventional two- or four-stroke engine. A secondary, non-detonating fluid is injected into the chamber, and the leftover heat from combustion causes it to expand for a second power stroke followed by a second exhaust stroke. In , the Bath -based engineer Samuel Griffin was an established maker of steam and gas engines. He wished to produce an internal combustion engine, but without paying the licensing costs of the Otto patents. His solution was to develop a "patent slide valve" and a single-acting six-stroke engine using it.

Dyer's six-stroke engine features: No cooling system required Improves a typical engine's fuel consumption Requires a supply of pure water to act as the medium for the second power stroke. Extracts the additional power from the expansion of steam.

Six-stroke engine

Bajulaz six-stroke engine[ edit ] The Bajulaz six-stroke engine is similar to a regular combustion engine in design. There are, however, modifications to the cylinder head, with two supplementary fixed-capacity chambers: a combustion chamber and an air-preheating chamber above each cylinder.

The combustion chamber receives a charge of heated air from the cylinder; the injection of fuel begins an isochoric constant-volume burn, which increases the thermal efficiency compared to a burn in the cylinder.

The high pressure achieved is then released into the cylinder to work the power or expansion stroke. Meanwhile, a second chamber, which blankets the combustion chamber, has its air content heated to a high degree by heat passing through the cylinder wall. This heated and pressurized air is then used to power an additional stroke of the piston. Patent 4,, and U. Patent 4,, The valve overlaps have been removed, and the two additional strokes using air injection provide for better gas scavenging.

U Krishnaraj, Mr. Boby Sebastian, Mr. Arun Nair and Mr. Thus, waste heat that requires an air or water cooling system to discharge in most engines is captured and put to use driving the piston.

The weight associated with a cooling system could be eliminated, but that would be balanced by a need for a water tank in addition to the normal fuel tank. The Crower six-stroke engine was an experimental design that attracted media attention in because of an interview given by the year-old American inventor , who has applied for a patent on his design.

Beare head[ edit ] This design was developed by Malcolm Beare of Australia. The technology combines a four-stroke engine bottom end with an opposed piston in the cylinder head working at half the cyclical rate of the bottom piston. Functionally, the second piston replaces the valve mechanism of a conventional engine. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Six-stroke engine

It was granted patent nr by the Polish Patent Office. The double-piston combustion engine's work is based on the cooperation of both modules.

The air load change takes place in the two-stroke section of the engine. The piston of the four-stroke section is an air load exchange aiding system, working as a system of valves.

Six Stroke Engine PDF Download

The cylinder is filled with air or with an air-fuel mixture. The filling process takes place at overpressure by the slide inlet system. The exhaust gases are removed as in the classical two-stroke engine, by exhaust windows in the cylinder.

To avoid this, a piston is installed on both valve shafts which compensate this pressure. Being a six-stroke cycle, the camshaft speed in one third of the crankshaft speed. The combustion chambers walls are glowing when the engine is running. Their small thickness allows heat exchange with the air-heating chamber, which is surrounding the combustion chamber.

The air-heating chamber is isolated from the cylinder head to reduce thermal loss. The combustion and air-heating chambers have different compression ratio. The compression ratio is high for the heating chamber, which operates on an external cycle and is supplied solely with pure air.

On the other hand, the compression ratio is low for the combustion chamber because of effectively increased volumen, which operates on internal combustion cycle. The combustion of all injected fuel is insured, first, by the supply of preheated pure air in the combustion chamber, then, by the glowing walls of the chamber, which acts as multiple spark plugs.

In order to facilitate cold starts, the combustion chamber is fitted with a heater plug glow plug.

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In contrast to a diesel engine, which requires a heavy construction, this multi-fuel engine, which can also use diesel fuel, may be built in a much lighter fashion than that of a gas engine, especially in the case of all moving parts.

As well as regulating the intake and exhaust strokes, the valves of the heating and the combustion chambers allow significantly additional adjustments for improving efficiency and reducing noise. The compression ratios can be increased because of the absent of hot spots and the rate of change in volume during the critical combustion period is less than in a Four stroke. The absence of valves within the combustion chamber allows considerable design freedom.

The specific power of the six-stroke engine will not be less than that of a four-stroke petrol engine, the increase in thermal efficiency compensating for the issue due to the two additional strokes. This lead to very smooth operation at low speed without any significant effects on consumption and the emission of pollutants, the combustion not being affected by the engine speed.

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