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Successful Writing Upper Intermediate TB. Mircea Stanescu. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking. Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate (TB).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Virginia Evans FCE Use of English 1 Teachers Book pdf. Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

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Successful Writing Upper Intermediate Teachers Book

Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate; Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate Teacher's Book; Class Audio CD. Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate - Class . Successful Writing: Teacher's Book Upper intermediate by Virginia Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. Introduction To the Teacher Successful Writing Upper-Intermediate The Teacher's Book provides answers to the exercises, model plans.

Each unit starts with a lead-in listening activity through which the basic plan for the type of writing the unit deals with is introduced. This also serves as a brainstorming activity, giving the teacher the chance to elicit useful language and ideas on the topic under discussion. Detailed theory and plans are provided to be used as a reference by students. A variety of models in which the theory is applied are followed by exercises to improve students' writing skills, focusing on register and style. The exercises are graded, leading to the acquisition of those skills needed for students to be able to write successfully at FCE level. Topic identification, revision boxes and study check sections reinforce students' knowledge and remind them of the structures previously presented, thus helping them revise the writing areas covered in the book. The Teacher's Book provides answers to the exercises, model plans, transcripts of the listening exercises and useful teaching tips. At the back of the Teacher's Book are marked model compositions to help teachers mark student's compositions. The book is accompanied by a cassette with all the listening exercises. The units can either be presented in the order they appear in the book or teachers can select the unit they want to present according to their own judgement and their students' needs.

Added to basket. Oxford Bookworms Library: Level The Secret Garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett. English File third edition: Student's Book with iTutor. Sandra Anderson. Phrasal Verbs. Jamie Flockhart.

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Diane Hopkins. Rhona Snelling. Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar. John Eastwood. This Rough Magic. Mary Stewart.

Physically, Mavis looks younger than most other women in their late sixties. She is of average height, neither fat nor thin. Her plump round face is framed by a mass of wavy white hair and her sparkling blue eyes show her humour and friendliness.

She prefers wearing casual, comfortable clothes. Mavis is very good- natured and always has time for a chat. She is also patient. She hardly ever gets annoyed about anything, except when children pick her favourite roses and lilies. However, she tends to be quite stubborn — once she has made a decision, nothing can change her mind. When she is not in her garden she is usually off somewhere raising money for one charity or another.

Since the day she moved in, we have grown very close and I am very fond of her, even if! Ilnil l llescriliinu Peunle 4 Match the following adjectives with the nouns below.

Some adjectives can be used more than once. Why is there no description of his personality? A dangerous prisoner escaped this morning from. He is believed to be at large in the: Waxerton area and police are warning the public not to approach him as he is likely to react violently. He is.

Successful Writing: Upper-intermediate. Teacher's book - Virginia Evans - Google книги

He has 5. He also has a 6. Should you see this man, or it you have knowledge ol his whereabouts, please contact your local police station. Use a variety of structures, trying to link the sentences together. Instead of writing: She is a pretty girl. She has an oval face. She is a pretty girl with an oval face. Look at the examples suggested below: He has wrinkles.

They make him look older. He has wrinkles which make him look older. She is a beautiful woman. She wears designer clothes. She is a beautiful woman who wears designer clothes.

She has long hair. She wears her hair in a pony-tail. She wears her long hair in a pony-tail. He has a big garden. He grows vegetables in the garden. He has a big garden where he grows vegetables. He had fine wrinkles around his eyes. They showed when he laughed. Willy is in his mid twenties. He has an oval face and long curly hair. He ties it back in a pony-tail. He has a big kitchen. He likes to cook for his friends. Helen is dark-skinned.

She has beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She dyes her hair. It makes her look younger than she is. She has long blond hair. She wears her hair in a bun. She is capable of convincing you to do almost anything she wants. Sarah can be. She often says things that offend people.

Jim is very. Stephanie is one of the most. My little sister is very. Anna is a very. Mark is extremely. Annabel is a n. Similar qualities both positive or both negative e. She is kind-hearted. She is cooperative. She is kind-hearted and also cooperative. She is kind-hearted and cooperative as well. She is both kind-hearted and cooperative. Opposing qualities one positive and one negative e. He is usually well-behaved.

He can be naughty at times.

He is usually well-behaved; in spite of thislneverthelessi however. Althoughlln spite of the fact that he is usually well-behaved. He is humorous. He has a tendency to be immature. He is kind-hearted.

Successful Writing: Teacher's Book Upper intermediate

He can, on occasion, be absent—minded. She is enthusiastic. She has a pleasant personality. She can be shy and unsociable. He is well-balanced.

He has a sensitive nature. He has a generous disposition. From time to time he can be aggressive. Then list the positive and negative qualities mentioned. Where do you think this extract is taken from? Why do you think there is no description of physical appearance? What information should Pietro include in his letter? W 1 4 Listen to the letter Pietro wrote and make notes under each heading.

Then, using this information, describe Paolo. He did not hesi a e. Howard Milton 1 2 You used to be the employer of the person whose qualities are listed below. Write a reference for her. You can start as shown in the example. His blue he sc. Sarah listens to sad music her eyes fill with tears. Archie was a sailor and a very good of my fathers.

As we lived near a maior port, he would visit us whenever his ship came in.

He was a tall, broad man with short brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a wide smile. His neatly trimmed beard made him look older than he was. He always wore a white sailors uniform with a dark blue collar and a round white hat. Archie had a wonderful personality. My brother and I loved it when he told us tall tales of storms and sea monsters. He was very generous and never forgot to bring us exotic gifts from his travels.

There were times, though, when he could be ailor and spent his whole working life in the stubbom and he would frown angrily and stamp his feet.

Successful Writing - Upper Intermediate TB

He enioyed being a s Navy. He managed to build it all by hims When he was not travelling. Although we never see him any more, i will always treasure those childhood memories of him.

This will make your composition more interesting to the reader. See how an ordinary beginning can be made more exciting: Instead of saying: I first met Steven, the secretary of the manager of Sunnington Ltd, last Monday.

You could say: Chilled and nervous. A pair of friendly dark eyes met mine. So this was Steven. Would you like to wall? Which is purely descriptive? Which includes narrative techniques? Give the paragraph outline. Whitney Houston is a person one cannot fail to admire. Over the past ten years she has become both a popular singer and a famous actress, appearing in successful films such as The Bodyguard. Looking at Whitney, it is not difficult to see why she is so popular.

She has gorgeous black hair, kind brown eyes and a beautiful smile which lights up her whole face. The elegant clothes she wears always complement her perfect figure. Whitney has a reputation for being a very warm and generous person.

At the same time, she is obviously very determined and can sometimes be rather strong-willed, but this comes from her -" desire to do things well. In herfree time Whitney, a sociable person.

All in all, Whitney is an incredible woman. It must be exhausting, but she always manages to look fresh and beautiful for the cameras.

Your teacher has asked you to write a description of your favourite classmate. Write your description for your teacher. The best description will win a prize. Write your entry for the competition. Your teacher has asked you to write a composition describing the person you admire most from history. I was shaking with fear and nervousness as I waited to interview the star of The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston.

I was a rather nervous and inexpenenced young journalist back then, and interviewing Whitney in a hotel room in Los Angeles was my first big job.

As she opened the door, the first things I noticed about her appearance were her kind brown eyes and her beautiful smile which seemed to light up her whole face. As always, she was dressed elegantly in a stunning long dress which really complemented her perfect figure. As we chatted, I discovered that Whitney certainly deserves her reputation for being kind and generous and I soon relaxed in her presence.

When she is not working, Whitney, a sociable character. Her family life, though, seems to be more important to her than her social life. Her eyes gleamed proudly when I glanced at the photograph of her daughter.

Her reaction revealed another side of her character, that of a caring mother. I felt sad when it was time for me to leave as I had found Whitney to be an Incredible woman.

I have never met anybody else who could lead such an active life, yet still manage to look fresh and beautiful for the cameras. Such pieces of writing can be found as articles in newspapers, tourist magazines or brochures, or as part of a story or letter.

Points to consider A wide variety of adjectives enormous. Use of the senses hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch as well as narrative techniques to start and finish your composition will make your description more vivid. On entering the hospital I was struck by the strong smell of antiseptic.

Past tenses should be used when you describe a visit to a place or building which took place in the past. Are there any sights of special interest? What can holidaymakers do? Set in the heart of southern England, London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in Europe. In this city of contrasts, you can be walking along K!

London is a great cultural centre, too; the S" National Gallery contains one of the finest collections of classical V paintings in the world. For evening entertainment, the choice of theatres is enormous. From the famous Southbank Theatre complex to the smaller theatres of Covent Garden, there is no end of plays to see. London is an exceptional place, a truly modern city that has managed to keep its traditional style and sense of history. You may get exhausted in London, but one thing is certain; you will never get bored because, as.

Then, write down the topic of each paragraph.

K My father works for a large company which is located: Long curtains hang ggf 5. Read them and underline the phrases which describe use of the senses i. Then say which of the extracts could be part of a story and which part of a tourist brochure. As you go in, you may be tempted by the smell of fresh popcorn and candy- floss. Lights are flashing and people are bustling everywhere.

From the Big Wheel you have a breathtaking view over the. Mountain Village As you stand on the balcony of the mountain chalet, the cold crisp air Whole t0Wn- makes your skin tingle. All you can hear is the sighing of the wind in the -, ". The snow-covered mountains T H. Soft music and quiet conversation created a relaxing atmosphere. A smiling waiter came over to take our order, and we sat back on comfortable cushioned chairs.

The village is surrounded by mountains.

The village has a peaceful atmosphere is very popular with city residents. You can write: Surrounded by mountains, the village has a peaceful 3 The hotel is Sheltered by trees on atmosphere. The hotel is a favourite with people who want a quiet holiday. Finally read the example then listen to this person and write short descriptions for any two of the pictures. How does the author feel about the changes? The icy cold air blew riromzd the towering peaks of the snow-covered e.

For example, a description of a place you visited in a letter to a friend would be informal, while a description of a place in a travel brochure could be written in a formal style. Successful scientific writing. Writing Successful Academic Books. Successful Writing at Work. Successful Writing: Student's Book Proficiency. Successful Writing at Work: Concise Third Edition. Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing. Concise Second Edition. Getting down to business: Successful Grant Writing,: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals.

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