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FACTOTUM. Charles Bukowski. For John & Barbara Martin. The novelist does not long to see the lion eat grass. He realizes that one and the same God created . Factotum - Charles ( KB); Factotum - Charles Bukowski. mobi ( KB); Factotum - Charles ( KB). Factotum Charles Bukowski PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Factotum-charles-bukowski-pdf.

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Charles Bukowski Factotum Pdf

Author: Bukowski Charles The Foundling's Tale, Part Three: Factotum Charles Bukowski FACTOTUM For John & Barbara Martin The novelist does not long. One of Charles Bukowski's best, this beer-soaked, deliciously degenerate novel follows the wanderings of aspiring writer Henry Chinaski across World War II-e. Factotum - Charles - Libcom. Views. 4 years ago. Wilbur, · Whiskey, · Clerk, · Gertrude, · Suitcase, · Climbed, · Shipping, · Manny.

This preview shows page 1 - 6 out of pages. He realizes that one and the same God created the wolf and the lamb, then smiled, "seeing that his work was good. I sat around in the bus station for a while but the people depressed me so I took my suitcase and went out in the rain and began walking. I didn't know where the rooming houses were, where the poor section was. I had a cardboard suitcase that was falling apart. It had once been black but the black coating had peeled off and yellow cardboard was exposed. I had tried to solve that by putting black shoepolish over the exposed cardboard. As I walked along in the rain the shoepolish on the suitcase ran and unwittingly I rubbed black streaks on both legs of my pants as I switched the suitcase from hand to hand. Well, it was a new town. Maybe I'd get lucky. The rain stopped and the sun came out. I was in the black district. I walked along slowly. A high yellow was sitting on the porch steps swinging her legs.

But yet, I continued to be entertained, so I pressed on, feeling each sentence flow by without much effort on my part. Following the narrative of being employed many, many times, failing and getting fired just as many, drinking, drinking, drinking to a sickening degree , and barnacle-ing to the hulls of a series of horrendously-depicted females.

Working, Drinking, Fucking.

Rinse, repeat. Even the contemptible attitudes displayed toward women have an oddly true ring to them. This is NOT to say that I agree with treating women like shit the way Bukowski clearly does, but that his shittiness is a stark reminder of certain horrible realities that do certainly exist in the minds of many men.

Bukowski books - full text online

And this I found interesting, in an historico-anthropological sort of way, while simultaneously depressing and upsetting. And then I thought of Raymond Carver.

He also was once a real-life drunk of epic proportions who wrote in tight, blunt, staccato, matter-of-fact sentence-lumps, consistently describing soul-crushing work-weeks, oceans of booze and cluttered ashtrays. J Page and They made a mistake and had he Page and And a g Page and Jan looked a lot like Laura - only Page and The Page and Page and Willie ke Page and I got in beside Page and I handed Page and T Page and I had first learned that I was an i Page and We were at Los Alamitos, I dropped Page and I was hired as what Page and Jewish ladies at their machines, la Page and I got up, took the pants with me to Page and I dug into my crotch with my finger Page and The old man gave me a disgusted loo Page and It rang several tim Page and The Superi Page and Take them out Page and They have no intelligence Page and I missed the fi Page and Before the argument could start the Page and But t Page and Me a Page and Some other jobs, however, were impo Page and But once I go to work Page and I said, 'Master Page and He w Page and He Page and That night I left as late as possib Page and There was an extra day's pay on the Page and I dipped my shovel calmly into the Page and P Page and Oranges and tomatoes were piled in Page and The clerks were separated from Page and After Page and My black friend and I waited, passi Page and Her head fell back, her mouth opene Page and More magazines by this user.

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Factotum by Charles Bukowski

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Factotum - Charles Bukowski

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