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Rick Riordan - The Kane Chronicles 2 - The Throne of Fire The Kane Chronicles 1 The Red Pyramid Karl Edward Wagner - Kane 06 - The Book Of Kane. Rick Riordan - The Kane Chronicles 2 - The Throne of Fire The Kane Chronicles, The, Book Two: Throne of Fire The Kane Chronicles 1 The Red Pyramid. Here's the pdf 1. The Red nvrehs.info 2. The Throne of nvrehs.info 3. The Serpents nvrehs.info

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The Throne Of Fire · The Serpent's Shadow. Reading Studios. Library · Activities · Contact · google play app. Reading Studios Logo. Reading Studios © Book 2. The second insTallmenT in The. #1 new York Times BesT-selling series from rick riordan. Throne of fire. eVenT kiT. | nvrehs.info The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles, Book 2) PDF, make sure you follow the link listed below and save the file or have accessibility to other information that.

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Either way, we had to try. We only had tonight to steal —sorry, borrow—the artifact. Then we had five days to figure out how to use it. I just love deadlines. Open the dome when you see us coming up, yeah? The back of my neck tingled. I had a feeling this heist was not going to be lovely. Jaz and Walt had done their work perfectly. As Sadie and I landed next to them, they seemed to be in the middle of a serious conversation.

That surprised me, but it surprised Sadie even more. She made a squeaking sound like a mouse getting stepped on. I was there. Jaz was a cheerleader from Nashville. She had a talent for healing magic, too, so she was a great person to bring along in case something went wrong, which happened with Sadie and me about ninety-nine percent of the time. Walt looked embarrassed. He was…well, how do I describe Walt? Wait your turn. His skin was coffee-bean brown, a little darker than mine, and his hair was buzz cut so that it looked like a shadow on his scalp.

Despite the cold, he was dressed in a black sleeveless tee and workout shorts—not standard magician clothes—but nobody argued with Walt. Walt cleared his throat. The Book of Ra. No magic explosions. No alarms. I breathed a sigh of relief and stepped into the Egyptian wing, wondering if maybe we had a shot at pulling this off, after all.

The Egyptian artifacts brought back all kinds of memories. That was before I knew he was a magician—before he unleashed a bunch of gods, and our lives got complicated. We walked by a sarcophagus, and I remembered how the evil god Set had imprisoned our father in a golden coffin at the British Museum.

Right now, somewhere in the magic realm of the Duat, our dad was the king of the underworld. Then there were the shabti, magical figurines that were supposed to come to life when summoned. Falling in love for the first time had been hard enough. We made our way through the first room, passing under a big Egyptian-style zodiac mural on the ceiling.

I could hear the celebration going on in the grand ballroom down the hallway to our right. Music and laughter echoed through the building. In the second Egyptian room, we stopped in front of a stone frieze the size of a garage door.

Chiseled into the rock was a picture of a monster trampling some humans. I nodded. The frieze had once been painted. Its beady eyes seemed to follow me. But I doubt that made anyone feel better. Egyptian magic was all about turning words and pictures into reality. The god stood about eight feet tall. He was carved from black stone and dressed in typical Egyptian style: bare-chested, with a kilt and sandals. He had the face of a ram and horns that had partially broken off over the centuries.

On his head was a Frisbee-shaped crown—a sun disk, braided with serpents. In front of him stood a much smaller human figure. Sadie squinted at the hieroglyphic inscription. Rhymes with ka-boom? Horus told me it holds the secret to finding the Book of Ra. I scanned the hieroglyphs, hoping for a clue. Sadie and I were supposed to be the teachers, but Jaz often remembered more details than I did. Could be the moose god.

Did I mention that? He was Khepri the scarab god in the morning; Ra during the day; and Khnum, the ramheaded god, at sunset, when he went into the underworld. Walt gave her a grudging smile, but he still looked preoccupied, like something was bothering him. That kind of thing can distract you from your training. The little dude was smiling, like being fashioned out of clay was awesome fun. A scarab. And this statue shows Khnum creating a new life.

Sadie never listens to me. As soon as she plucked the scroll from the statue, the entire room rumbled. Cracks appeared in the glass display cases. Sadie yelped as the scroll in her hand burst into flames.

The fire touched the windows and white hieroglyphs ignited on the glass, probably triggering a ton of protective wards and curses. Then the ghost fire rippled across the big frieze at the entrance of the room. The stone slab shook violently.

Walt slipped his staff off his back. Sadie waved the flaming scroll as if it were stuck to her hand. This is so not my fault! But that was when we were fully merged with the gods —Horus for me, Isis for Sadie.

Until we had better control of our own abilities, embodying Egyptian gods could make us go crazy or literally burn us up. Now all we had was our own limited magic.

That made it harder to do important stuff—like survive when a monster came to life and wanted to kill us. The griffin stepped into full view. It was twice the size of a regular lion, its reddish-gold fur coated with limestone dust. Its tail was studded with spiky feathers that looked as hard and sharp as daggers. With a single flick, it pulverized the stone slab it had come from.

Its bristly wings were now straight up on its back. The griffin fixed its hungry eyes on Sadie. White flames still engulfed her hand and the scroll, and the griffin seemed to take that as some kind of challenge. The scroll seemed to have triggered every reservoir of Egyptian magic in the room, and I was pretty sure that was bad.

Walt and Jaz stood frozen in shock. This was their first real monster. The griffin took a step toward my sister.

I stood shoulder to shoulder with her and did the one magic trick I still had down. I reached into the Duat and pulled my sword out of thin air—an Egyptian khopesh with a wickedly sharp, hook-shaped blade. Sadie looked pretty silly with her hand and scroll on fire, like an overenthusiastic Statue of Liberty, but with her free hand she managed to summon her main offensive weapon—a five-foot-long staff carved with hieroglyphs. Thanks for that. See if you can open them.

The griffin lunged, its wings buzzing like chain saws. Sadie threw her staff, and it morphed into a tiger in midair, slamming into the griffin with its claws unsheathed.

The griffin was not impressed. It knocked the tiger aside, then lashed out with unnatural speed, opening its beak impossibly wide. The griffin gulped and burped, and the tiger was gone. The griffin turned its eyes on me. I gripped my sword tight. The blade began to glow.

Having a personal war god makes it easier to do stupidly brave things. Walt, stop! Walt opened the window, and a wave of white fire roared over him, knocking him to the floor. Jaz ran to his side.

The griffin immediately lost interest in me. Like any good predator, it focused on the moving target —Jaz—and lunged at her. I charged after it. But instead of snapping up our friends, the griffin soared straight over Walt and Jaz and slammed into the window. Jaz pulled Walt out of the way while the griffin went crazy, thrashing and biting at the white flames. It was trying to attack the fire. The griffin snapped at the air.

It spun, knocking over a display case of shabti. Its tail smashed a sarcophagus to pieces. It turned toward me, cawing in irritation.

A curtain of white fire raced away and burned in the corner of the room, almost like it was regrouping. Then I noticed other fires coming together, forming burning shapes that were vaguely human. One looked right at me, and I sensed an unmistakable aura of malice. Her eyes were still fixed on the griffin as she pulled a length of magic twine from her pocket. Walt was flat on his back, shivering.

His eyes were glowing white, as if the fire had gotten inside him. Jaz knelt over him, muttering a healing spell. The fiery shapes were getting brighter, more solid. I counted seven blazing figures, slowly forming legs and arms. Seven figures…Jaz had said something about the symbols of Sekhmet. Dread settled over me as I realized what kind of curse was really protecting the museum.

Sadie threw her twine. The magic twine whipped through the air, elongating into a rope as it raced toward the griffin. The griffin squawked indignantly and leaped after the fiery shapes. The fire creatures scattered, and a game of total annihilation tag was on.

The griffin buzzed around the room, its wings humming. Display cases shattered. Mortal alarms blared. I yelled at the griffin to stop, but this time it did no good. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jaz collapse, maybe from the strain of her healing spell. I chased the griffin. I probably looked like a total fool in my black pajamas with my glowing sword, tripping over broken artifacts and screaming orders at a giant hummingbird-cat.

Their mouths fell open. A lady in a peachcolored dress screamed. The seven white fire creatures shot straight through the wedding guests, who instantly collapsed. The fires kept going, whipping around the corner toward the ballroom. The griffin flew after them. I glanced back at Sadie, who was kneeling over Jaz and Walt. I think I can control the griffin. Help me get Jaz and Walt out of here! This might be our only chance to get our friends out alive. I muttered an Egyptian curse—the cussing kind, not the magic kind—and ran to join the wedding party.

The main ballroom was in chaos. Guests were running everywhere, screaming and knocking over tables. A guy in a tuxedo had fallen into the wedding cake and was crawling around with a plastic bride-and-groom decoration stuck to his rear. A musician was trying to run away with a snare drum on his foot. The white fires had solidified enough so that I could make out their forms—somewhere between canine and human, with elongated arms and crooked legs.

They glowed like superheated gas as they raced through the ballroom, circling the pillars that surrounded the dance floor. One passed straight through a bridesmaid.

I felt like curling into a ball myself. The griffin snapped up one of the fire creatures in a single gulp and kept flying. Too late, I realized my mistake.

Wedding guests began clearing the ballroom. Most ran for the elevators, but dozens were unconscious or shaking in fits, their eyes glowing white. Others were stuck under piles of debris.

The Kane Chronicles 2 Throne of Fire - PDF Free Download

Alarms were blaring, and the white fires—six of them now—were still completely out of control. I ran toward the griffin, which was rolling around, trying in vain to bite at the rope.

I took a deep breath. I was mostly a combat magician. The buzzing of its wings slowed. Chaos and screaming still filled the ballroom, but I tried to stay calm as I approached the monster. It ruffled its neck feathers and squawked in complaint, squirming under the rope that was slowly wrapping around its body.

Just hang on. Sadie was still doing her Statue of Liberty impression, holding the flaming scroll in one hand. They dodged a fiery spirit and a few crazy wedding guests and somehow made it across the ballroom.

The Kane Chronicles 2 Throne of Fire

Walt stared the griffin. I think it recognized my connection to him. She glanced up at the glass dome, forty feet above, where the tiny figure of Khufu was waving at us frantically. I can stop them. The bau were getting larger and brighter. More wedding guests were falling as the spirits whipped around the room unchallenged.

Jaz had never tried such a large spell. She was already weak from healing Walt. But she was trained for this. It might seem strange that healers studied the path of Sekhmet, but since Sekhmet was the goddess of destruction, plagues, and famine, it made sense that healers would learn how to control her forces—including bau.

There was a decent chance it would get excited and gobble us up rather than the spirits. Outside, police sirens were getting louder. We were running out of time. Jaz ran to the center of the ballroom and touched her wand to the floor, drawing a circle of protection around her feet.

From her bag she produced a small statue of Sekhmet, her patron goddess, and held it aloft. She began to chant. Red light glowed around her. Tendrils of energy spread out from the circle, filling the room like the branches of a tree. The tendrils began to swirl, slowly at first, then picking up speed until the magic current tugged at the bau, forcing them to fly in the same direction, drawing them toward the center. The spirits howled, trying to fight the spell. Jaz staggered, but she kept chanting, her face beaded with sweat.

The sirens sounded like they were right outside the building now.

Down the hall near the elevators, someone was shouting into a megaphone, ordering the last wave of wedding guests to exit the building—like they needed encouragement. The police had arrived, and if we got arrested, this situation was going to be difficult to explain. Walt, you still got your boat amulet? I spoke a charm and was suddenly holding a rope about twenty feet long. I made a loose slipknot in the middle, like a huge necktie, and carefully approached the griffin.

Then something went wrong. Time slowed down. The screams and sirens faded to a distant roar. I turned and found myself face-to-face with a bau. It hovered in the air a few inches away, its fiery white features almost coming into focus. Chaos is too powerful, boy, it said. The world spins beyond your control. Give up your quest! She sleeps in the Place of Red Sand, but she will die there if you follow your pointless quest.

I felt like a tarantula was crawling down my back. Time sped up again. No one else seemed to have noticed what just happened. Sadie was playing defense, swatting at bau with her flaming scroll whenever they got close. Walt set his boat amulet on the ground and spoke the command word. In a matter of seconds, like one of those crazy expand-in-water sponge toys, the amulet grew into a full-size Egyptian reed boat, lying across the ruins of the buffet table.

I turned in time to see a flash of blinding red light. The light died. Jaz fainted, her wand and the Sekhmet statue both crumbling to dust in her hands. We ran to her. Her clothes were steaming. Khufu had opened the dome. He gestured urgently as searchlights swept the sky above him.

The museum was probably surrounded by emergency vehicles. All around the ballroom, afflicted guests were starting to regain consciousness. Jaz had saved them, but at what cost? We carried her to the boat and climbed in.

Rickie Blair.

Poison in Paddington. Samantha Summers. A Beautiful Heartbreak. Alora Kate. Mirror of Perception. Tommy Ray. His First His Second. Under Dark Skies. Last Call. Libby Kirsch. The Decrypter: Secret of the Lost Manuscript. Rose Sandy.

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Dima Zales. The Harvest. Alanah Andrews. Soldier of Fortune. Kathleen McClure. Centauri Dawn. Cynthia Woolf. Darcy Pattison. The Enemy of an Enemy. Vincent Trigili. Crossing in Time. A is for Apocalypse. Rhonda Parrish Editor. A Science Fiction Thriller. Morgan Rice. A Warrior's Heart. Altered Genes. Mark Kelly. Only, instead of job stability and internet fame, I earned the attention of every dangerous criminal in the city Faking a Husband.

Rosa Swann. Close Liaisons The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 1. My Alpha's Secret. Winter Princess. Skye MacKinnon. Kissed by Fire. Kimber White. Party at the Lunar Pack. A Lion's Cage. Ella Wilde. Stranded with the Cyborg. Cara Bristol. Book Descriptions: Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister, Sadie, have been in trouble.

As descendants of the House of Life, the Kanes have some powers at their command; but the devious gods haven't given them time to master their skills at Brooklyn House, a training ground for young magicians. And now their most threatening enemy yet--the Chaos snake, Apophis--is rising. If they don't prevent him from breaking free in a few days' time, the world will end. In other words, it's a typical week for the Kane family.

To have any chance of battling the forces of Chaos, the Kanes must revive the sun god, Ra. But that would be a feat more difficult than any magician has ever accomplished. First they have to search the world for the Book of Ra, then they have to learn how to chant its spells.

Oh, and did we mention that no one knows where Ra is, exactly? Narrated by two different wisecracking voices, featuring a large cast of new and unforgettable 3. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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