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Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Best Cookbook for making Nigerian Foods [Chy Anegbu, David Anegbu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Best Cookbook for making Nigerian Foods This book is perfect for you if you want learn how to cook Nigerian food from scratch. The Ultimate Nigerian cookbook is a paged standard physical, full-colored cookbook with over 75 Nigerian food and drink recipes. Its the best selling.

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Nigerian Food Recipe Book

Nigerian recipes cookbook with over authentic Nigerian recipes from snacks to the cookbook plus much more information about how I cook Nigerian food. Snacks, Soups, Stews, Yam, Drinks, Small Chops, Beans, Plantain, Kids recipes and many more delicacies made in Nigeria. Whether you're an experienced. Talking all the Nigerian Food Recipes you can ever think about is in this app. All the special African delicacies recipes are in this app, Nigerian food recipes.

We just launched the sixth edition of the ultimate Nigerian cookbook. Join the thousands of people all over the world that have been able to improve their cooking and make more delicious Nigerian foods by using The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook. How would you like to make delicious Naija foods with peace of mind and complete confidence? How would you like to make the kind of foods that you download from top-notch Nigerian hotels and eateries? Would you like to become a really good cook in no time? Take a moment to consider what you stand to gain by learning new recipes and generally improving your cooking. We have seen lives and families transformed just by good foods. You will be loved and respected even more by your family and the people around you. The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook offers you information for preparing over 80 different Nigerian foods, tips for making healthy foods, simple and easy Nigerian recipes, Nigerian drinks, desserts, small chops, pastries; with step by step guide, full colored images etc. Whether you are new to Nigerian foods or you are just looking to up your ante, this book is for you. It is time to cook with confidence, without having to wonder if you are really getting it right. The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is a paged cookbook with over 80 different delicious Nigerian recipes, tips for healthy Nigerian foods, information about Nigerian food ingredients plus smart cooking tips and tricks. Inside The Cookbook You will learn to make over 16 different Nigerian soups, 10 rice recipes, 13 local Nigerian recipes, 11 snacks and small chops meat pie, puff puff, chin chin, pancakes, stewed gizzard, Sausage rolls, beef burger, samosa, spring rolls, etc.

I think this is the most comprehensive Nigerian cookbook in circulation. I love the fact that the recipes are clear and direct, There are intercontinental dishes too. This is a wonderful book and I am going to recommend it to all of my students. Lady J, Wish Miss Adanne.

Chy, Thanks for this wonderful cookbook. Most of my friends want to get their own copies and we have ordered extra three copies already. I have always wanted to try other recipes aside the one I already know. Your blog and the Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook helped me to achieve that. I am getting married soon and really looking be the best I can be. Schidi Okoye. I had to order two copies. One for me and one for my sister. Ultimate Nigerian cook book is an high profile cook book.

What can I say? You are already in the right place. One love! Akani Doris.

I have just one word for this wonderful cookbook! I am Doris From Imo state. I hope to visit the African shop later in the evening so I can get started with native soup, lol. Utah, USA. My cookbook was delivered the same day I paid for it. Chy, you did a wonderful job.

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The notion of too much carbs, this becomes a non-issue with the in-depth information available on the chemical compositions of food, which empowers us to choose wisely and apply moderation based on our life styles. Traditional methods tend to involve cooking in an open space, over firewood stoves which is believed to contribute to flavour development.

As more West Africans migrate to different parts of the world, foreign methods of cooking are being explored and applied. For instance, some traditional cooking techniques require extensive preparation and processing, but the application of technology and use of modern equipment greatly reduce time and effort required.

These new methods and innovations are welcomed by many, particularly those who live urban lifestyles. The growing awareness for healthy eating is also causing people to adjust ingredients and methods to make healthier versions of their favourite dishes.

‘People try to squeeze Nigerian food into an all-encompassing African label’

Future: Based on reliable research work there is a strong conviction that food of West African origin compare favourably well in their share variety and nutritional benefits, with foods from other parts of the world.

More scientific researches are also coming up with astonishing reports about how foods of West African origin are found to contain high levels of much sought after nutrients in particular antioxidants and also how some of these foods are very instrumental to support weigh loss programmes African Bush mango seeds also known as Dika nuts or Ogbonna seeds.

Also some foods which were earlier thought to be bad for health, point in case; example Palm oil, have now been confirmed as safe and of high nutritional value. In fact Palm oil has the highest vitamin A content in nature, also very rich in Vitamin E and other mineral. Though high in saturates, clinical tests confirm that these do not have any adverse impact on cholesterol levels in the human body.

Little wonder that palm oil is now increasingly being used in the food industry as a replacement for trans-fats! As West Africans increase in their intellects and many more are venturing into all types of food businesses, more research work will be carried out to uncover the real truths about foods of West African origins and I believe the outcomes will astonish the world.

There is so much to discover.


This is a great importance attached to meal times as it brings family and friends together where food is served and eaten by all, sometimes from the same dish! Just as seen across the world where creativity has played a significant part in the preparation, presentation and serving of food, these same creativities are being applied to West African food to make them more appealing to a wider audience of food lovers.

This is giving rise to colourful dishes with bold tastes and exotic flavours rich in exciting spices.

16 Classic Nigerian Recipes For Beginners

Nigerian; a mobile cooking app at ConteporaryNigerianCuisine. The Afrikaner, descendent of the Dutch who arrived at the Cape in , and the French Huguenots, blended their individual cuisines into truly individualistic African recipes. In compiling a cookbook of African Recipes that exemplifies African cooking , we cannot ignore the peoples of North Africa, the Arabs.

The Arabs raided and traded deep into sub-Saharan Africa, taking their foodstuffs with them and bringing back, in addition to gold and ivory, slaves who brought their African recipes with them. Spanish and Portuguese cooking influenced the Arabs, Muslims who invaded and occupied large areas of Spain and Portugal, during the Middle Ages, whilst simultaneously exporting African recipes, to these countries.

If you cannot experience the sights and sounds of this continent the recipes contained in the African Recipes cook book will allow you to enjoy it's tastes and smells. Recipes, which are as varied as the African landscape, which changes from snow capped mountains to deep, below sea level valleys, from tropical rain-forests to arid deserts, so the African Recipes cookbook reflects the different cultures that are Africa.

From Algeria in the far north to the Zimbabwe ruins on South Africa's borders.

From Arab and Afrikaner to Zairian and Zulu they are all Africa, their recipes blend into an unforgettable kaleidoscope of smells, textures and tastes contained in the ethnic recipes of the African Recipes cookbook. The Africhef African Recipes cookbook contains over of my favourite African recipes.

Listed below are a few of these mouthwatering real food recipes, that, once experienced, will have you, your family and friends coming back for more, time and time again.