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Kopmeyer, America's Success Counselor, will send them to you in a series of books like this one. There are several hundred PROVEN SUCCESS METHODS in the book you now have in your hands. (See the back of this book jacket for titles of other books power-packed with more PROVEN. SELF and proved that you have confidence in YOUR-. SELF, you have taken the first step in getting whatever you want in life. This book now. Chapters include: Something Touched Him; How To Get What You Want; Playing Please support it by donating a small amount of £ or whatever you can.

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How To Get Whatever You Want Pdf

Are You Living the Life You WAnt or the Life You've got? How To Persuade People Who Don t Want To Be Persuaded Get What You Want Every. This How to Get Whatever You Want book is absolutely not ordinary book, you have after that it the world is in your hands. The benefit you obtain by reading this . people who always seem to get what they want are just lucky. .. coolness, speed, or whatever-it-is-you-want on your way to the ultimate car.

If you Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a handful of us have learned how to get it. When he saw that, he'd stop whatever he was saying in midsentence. SELF, you have taken the first step in getting whatever you want in life. This book now. This book is for ambitious people who want to get ahead faster. If this is the way you think you will ever need, to do or be whatever you want, your true goals. This How to Get Whatever You Want book is absolutely not ordinary book, you have after that it the world is in your hands. The benefit you obtain by reading this. O Poverty. Kids "I'm starting a Success Team and I need people to join. You just.

He shook his tawny mane and uttered a terrific roar, which echoed through the hills. The sheep mother stood trembling, paralyzed with fear. But the moment this strange sound reached his ears, the lion cub listened as though spellbound, and a strange feeling which he had never before experienced surged through his being until he was all a-quiver.

It aroused a new force within him which he had never felt before.

New desires, a strange new consciousness of power possessed him. Trembling with mingled fear, surprise and bewilderment at the new powers aroused within him, the awakened animal gave his foster mother a pathetic glance, and then, with a tremendous leap, started toward the lion on the hill.

The lost lion had found himself. Up to this he had gamboled around his sheep mother just as though he were a lamb developing into a sheep, never dreaming he could do anything that his companions could not do, or that he had any more strength than the ordinary sheep.

He never imagined that there was within him a power which would strike terror to the beasts of the jungle. He simply thought he was a sheep, and would run at the sight of a dog and tremble at the howl of a wolf. Now he was amazed to see the dogs, the wolves, and other animals which formerly had so terrified him flee from him. I am only a sheep, and just like other sheep.

I cannot do what they cannot do. But for the roar of the lion on the distant hill, which had aroused the sleeping lion within him, he would have continued living the life of a sheep and perhaps would never have known that there was a lion in him. The roar of the lion had not added anything to his strength, had not put new power into him; it had merely aroused in him what was already there, simply revealed to him the power he already possessed.

There is in every normal human being a sleeping lion.

How to get whatever you want pdf download

It never is! This is not to say that people don't have real handicaps.

Certainly they do! Everybody has handicaps- only some handicaps require more effort and will-power to overcome than others. Nor are imagined handicaps any less real than those which are entirely physical. A pain is a pain and it hurts just as much whether it results from a physical injury 22 or a mental defense mechanism.

A headache is just as pain- ful if it is a subconscious alibi for avoiding a disagreeable task as if it is the result of eye-strain. Either way it hurts just as much. And a headache is a mild example. People ac- tually go blind, become partial or entire invalids, suffer every conceivable disability, because their subconscious minds are using these physical means to give them an alibi for not doing what they should do, for not living up to the expectations of others.

Sometimes these mentally or emotionally caused pains 01' illnesses are a means of self-persecution f01' some real or imagined sense of guilt submerged deep in their subconscious-so deep that the sufferers often do not realize the cause and so blame something else. At least half of all illnesses have some mental cause.

Real or imagined, physical, mental or financial -handicaps are something everybody has and it isn't the purpose of this book to underrate them. In fact, it is the purpose of this book to tell you how to overcome any handicap you may have! More than that, this book will tell you how to use your handicap as a springboard to success!

Starting right now this book is going to tell you how poor boys became multimillionaires, how cripples be- came world champions, how weaklings became the strong- est men in the world, how a deaf man composed some of the world's greatest symphonies, how "old men" past re- tirement age amassed huge fortunes!

Of course you can't be a track star if you have no legs. But you can be a champion athlete even if, in the beginning, your legs are weak-even if your legs have been crippled by accident or disease. And that applies to aU kinds of handicaps! The record books are filled with the names of champions who overcame supposedly insur- mountable handicaps!

Many handicapped people are so determined to overcome their handicaps that they over-compensate for them and thus accomplish far more than normal men and women! Annette Kellerman was lame and sickly-yet she became the World Diving Champion and was judged one of the world's most perfectly formed women! Sandow started life as a sickly weakling. He exercised until he developed one of the most perfect bodies in history and became the strongest man of his time! Some years later, George Jowett, lame and weak until he was eleven years old, built such a perfectly muscled body that, in just ten years, he became the world's strongest manl If you are physically handicapped you can do one of two things: 1 you can feel sorry for yourself and expect others to feel sorry for you, or 2 you can over- come your handicap by will-power and mind-power which are described in this book and if you are willing to pay the price in vigorous exercise, systematic training 24 and hard work, yop.

But suppose you are not physically handi- capped. Suppose your handicap is that you don't have much school education and you are very poor. Let's have a look at some of such poor people: Let's start with poor Andrew Carnegie.

How To Attract Anything You Want In Life

An- drew Carnegie, poor? Why he was the great steel tycoon- who made so many millions he couldn't give them away fast enough, even though he endowed free public libraries in cities all over this nation!

John D. Rockefeller, who later became one of the richest men in the world, started out much more highly paid than Carnegie. Then there was Thomas Edison who started as a newsboy on trains and became the world's greatest in- ventor by conducting more experiments that failed yes, failed!

Of course, every time he failed, he found out what wouldn't work until finally all that was left was what would work! That's an easy way to achieve greatness-just fail your way to suc- cess! A later chapter will tell you how YOU can fail your way to success! And, another failure: Babe Ruth struck out more times than any baseball player in the Major Leagues -1, strike-outs!

He also hit more home runs You'll never become a batting champion if you're afraid to take your bat off your shoulder! Thomas was born poor, in a tiny Welsh village. Not only was he poor, but he was a very delicate boy. So, nat- urally, as all delicate boys should and many of them do he trained himself to be a strong athlete.

He became a good walker, swimmer and cyclist. He was a good boxer, too, the middle-weight champion of Cambridge, in spite of his bad eye-sight.

He also trained himself well in business by bUilding more than thirty companies and becoming a multimillionaire! There was another delicate boy who had so little schooling that he had to be taught by his mother.

He also read books, lots of good books. And, he liked to ex- periment-which resulted in his inventing the steam en- gine that changed the industrial world I His name? James Watt. George F. Johnson was poor, too. The principal creditor was a man named Endi- cott. It became the Endicott-Johnson Com- pany and grew to be the largest manufacturer of shoes in its time. A good many years ago, there was a frail, lame little chap named Elias Howe.

He was so poor that he and 26 his family were starved rrwst of the time. He invented the sewing machine but nobody would download it. His garret work- shop burned down. His wife died. He still kept on trying. Finally his sewing machine began to sell. Elias Howe be- came a millionaire in twelve years, because, in spite of every discouragement, he kept on trying! Michael Faraday was born over a livery stable, the son of a poor blacksmith.

Not a promising start for the founder of electrical science and one of the foremost sci- entists of his day! Joseph Fels was born in a tiny cottage in Vir- ginia. His parents were poor. His education was poorer. He started his business career as a soap salesman.

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