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View and download on DocDroid. TNT Edition: 3 PDF Mobi is book 1 in his new Alan Ford. TNT Edition: 3 PDF. this book expecting Alan Ford. TNT Edition: 3 Download Free to be Alan. Alan Ford - Tako je nastala grupa TNT (KB 7 Ceo strip u boji). Alan Ford .. Western Circus (Lucky Luke) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tin - Mil . French, Pdf, Magazine, Cover, Comics, Vintage, Beautiful, Gemini, French People.

When I mentioned the large immigrant population that came from Ex-Yugoslav countries to Canada, after the war broke out in the 90s, he said that he was often approached with strange requests by these people. Of course, I knew the answer: It was Alan Ford. Peter said that the other title was Corto Maltese. Most of the young Yugos obviously weren't even aware of the fact that Hugo Pratt and his Corto Maltese comics were too European for the American taste, or that Alan Ford has made a success basically in just two countries: Italy and Yugoslavia. This is obvious when you search for Alan Ford web sites through the internet; most of them are constructed by enthusiasts from either Italy or the ex-Yugoslav Republics. The anonymity of Alan Ford in the rest of the world is usually a bit of a shock to the ordinary reader in Yugoslavia, because this comic was so influential, and so much loved past three decades. Speaking of the rest of the world, there was an attempt in France, where total of 13 books was published between and , before the title was cancelled. And that's about it. Magnus and Bunker originated this comic in , with Milano's Editrice Corno as a publisher, and the venture gradually became a real success in Italy. In , the translations of Alan Ford books came out in what was then called Yugoslavia, published by a solid and of course!

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Sangue Sui Navigli ePub. PDF Jack Reacher. La Prova Decisiva ePub. Le Inchieste Di Nestor Burma. Volume 2 Download. Running gag in the series is his age: he claims to be alive well even from the Neanderthal era and to meet various characters from history, such as Nero , Homer and Maximilien Robespierre.

He has a habit of telling stories of his past to his agents, who all fall asleep in the end, causing him to angrily wake them up by brandishing his stick. Another running gag is his time spent in his wheelchair: in all of the stories, he is still paraplegic, never shown to be able to walk.

He is a major underworld figure, well connected within the NYPD and the United States Army : he is known to have a black book which allegedly contains the secrets and past of every character he met in the comics, which he uses to blackmail them into obedience.

His TNT group is used as a private agency for his contacts, and always requests large amounts of money for the job. He is extremely greedy and stingy: when Bob Rock requested the TNT's motto to be "All for one, one for all", he cleverly requested the letter O in the first word to be capitalized, leading to be "All for One, one for all"; in context, he gets to keep all the money for himself, while all TNT agents get only a single dollar for the mission.

Despite having a huge personal wealth, he never spends any of it. He operates from a dilapidated flower shop in Brooklyn in which TNT agents reside, while his hideout is in a storage room in the New York subway, which is kept secret to all but TNT agents.

Alan Ford[ edit ] Alan Ford is the central character of the series. He is rather tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He usually dresses in a black long-sleeved shirt with black shoes and dark pants. He is the newest member of the TNT. He is a shy, naive person, and very humble, but one of the most effective agents of the series. He matures during the course of the series and grows to be a tough, smart man. He has a soft side, is rarely angry, and while acknowledging the life under Number One as unfair, he is happy with what he gets.

He grew up in an orphanage and was evicted from a slum due to neglecting bills at the start of the series, and he joined TNT on accident. He is one of the most trusted agents of Number One. Running gag with Alan is his confusion, naive personality, and in particular, his bad luck with women: His love interests turn out to either use his gullible personality for their own agendas, genuinely love him but are criminals who end up imprisoned or on the run, or simply dislike his lack of success and lack of money.

However, his bad luck with women turns for the better when he meets Minuette Macon. The two grow in love and Alan later marries her. Running gag is his looks: he is very short and has an abnormally large nose, which is a butt of many jokes. Another running gag is his very short and nasty temper: he easily gets angry and resorts to violence when provoked, and often has to be restrained by Alan or Oliver in some cases , with a particular weakness for jokes about his nose.

He dresses in tartan clothing, with a red and black hat and a large red cloak. He came from a family of criminals: his father died when he was a child, and his mother died after being riddled by machine gun fire during a botched robbery attempt in his teenage years.

He has three younger brothers, a set of triplets called Tim, Tom and Tumb, who are professional criminals and frequently try to use Bob as the scapegoat in their criminal schemes. Despite this, Bob refuses to follow the criminal career path and frequently berates his brothers for it, despite them being clearly more successful than Bob. He is mostly at odds with Number One for abnormally poor salary and his tyrannical attitude, and he is usually attacked by Number One with his stick when Bob provokes him.

Despite this, he is one of the most trusted TNT agents. He is an avid kleptomaniac : in every issue he is shown stealing. Due to his charming and witty personality, he is very successful in his field, always managing to steal anything, from range of cinema tickets, spare change, wallets, and even larger items and vehicles with success. Running gag is that, whenever he steals a large number of goods, he phones his never-seen friend Bing to sell him the goods and asks about Bing's brother, who is always in some kind of trouble.

He wears a monocle, a bowler hat and stripped pants with a long coat, vest and a tie, maintaining a stoic, noble appearance, which helps him in his various schemes. He can be described as a gentleman thief. He comes from a wealthy family of Olivers, and his father owned a large business venture that went bankrupt by the time of his death: he and his two brothers went to a life of crime and were very successful while maintaining a noble appearance in the public: however, after they went their own ways, both of his brothers died.

He managed to keep his criminal enterprise secret while being tailed by the police until he was discovered. He was sentenced to life in prison, but he managed to switch seats with an American criminal due to be transferred, and then he freed himself during a flight by parachuting himself out. He landed in New York and he was discovered by Number One while he was trying to hustle a rich businessman, and was persuaded to join TNT.

His lateral thinking, wittiness and ability to save himself quickly from the most complicated situations make him the most valuable agent of TNT, a trait that even Number One acknowledges.

Even though he is in charge of the flower shop while Number One is not around, in reality, he is a lazy, fat and aging TNT agent who tries his best to avoid work. He is at odds with Number One, who despises him for his laziness and inability to perform missions. He usually sleeps in the back of the flower shop, but occasionally joins the other TNT members on large-scale missions.

After Bob, he is the most vocal about his salary, but is constantly rebuffed by Number One. His best friend is Jeremiah, but almost constantly bickers with him.

He has a hamster named Squitty, and he is very devoted to him and protects him at all costs. He wears old ruptured pants, a bowler hat, a coat and a cardigan stripped shirt.

Alan Ford (comics)

Jeremiah[ edit ] Jeremiah is an aging member of the TNT. He is an Italian immigrant, and a running gag of the series is that he is an extreme hypochondriac who suffers from many diseases or medical syndromes and sometimes, he even suffers from diseases he invented. He is bald and nearly toothless, and he usually sleeps around in the flower shop with The Boss.

He is usually on guard duty and never on active missions due to his age, but sometimes proves crucial to missions. Another running gag is his ability to sleep through most extreme situations without waking up. He is a former street vendor and a hermit, which caused his bad health.

Grunf[ edit ] Otto Grunf is a naturalized German-born inventor. He moved to America and changed his last name from Grunt to Grunf to avoid detection, and is mentioned to also serve in Second World War.

He serves as the inventor, fabricator and the mechanic of the TNT group.

Running gag in the series is his incompetence: he usually designs various Rube Goldberg machines that end up in failure, fails to properly service or change the vehicles or weaponry driving a s era car that usually explodes while attempting to start it or brandishing an s revolver , or invents things that already exist he claims to have invented the skateboard , which he named Skate-Grunf. Despite his heroic-like behavior and staunch belief in bravery as seen by quotes stamped on his T-shirts , he is a very cowardly man, constantly running from danger.

He usually dresses in a World War I-era flying ace uniform with goggles. He is very loyal and devoted to Number One and never is on his odds. His job is usually to drive Number One around New York in other words, push his wheelchair around.

He is a former Chicago mobster who made his fortune during the Prohibition era. After Al Capone 's downfall, he became the most powerful mafioso in Chicago and held this position until his early retirement from business. He is independent from the New York division, but he still acts on Number One's orders. He usually dresses in white or grey suits, smokes Cuban cigars, is completely bald and always wears his trademark sunglasses.

He also runs a flower shop, which, in contrast to the New York one, is much larger and successful than its counterpart. He enjoys fine wines, cigars, and he owns a panther, a bulldog and a gorilla, all tamed. Clodoveo[ edit ] Clodoveo is Number One's parrot.

He is a very intelligent parrot, being able to speak 18 languages and dialects. He is Number One's best friend and lives in his hideout with him, although the two constantly clash on most trivial subjects.

He usually serves as the aviation in the TNT group and to carry messages from Number One to the TNT group or his allies when he is not around, and often ends up saving them in dangerous missions. He enjoys beef steaks and is a former alcoholic; his drinking habits are occasionally shown throughout the issues. He was absent throughout the part of the series due to his temporary relocation to Los Angeles when he lived with The Great Caesar; the two constantly clashed and both were relieved when Clodoveo returned to New York.

Cirano[ edit ] Cirano is Bob Rock's dog, who often participates in the group's missions. He is a smart dog, though easily bribed with food.

More than once, he was used by Sir Oliver for his various schemes.

Alan Ford 094 (SS 105) - Piroman

Running gag in the series is his frequent attempts to eat Squitty, only to be stopped and then violently assaulted by The Boss. Pellicus[ edit ] Pellicus is a pelican owned by Number One. He is rather large and is devoted to Number One, who saved him from being slaughtered. He loves eating fish and usually serves to transport Number One and sometimes, the entire TNT group across large areas at one time, transporting Number One across the Atlantic Ocean.

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