Create formulas by using some of Excel's built-in functions. •. Filter and . Cell Basics. to use another file type, such as a PDF or Excel workbook. Excel Tutorial in PDF - A beginner's tutorial for Microsoft Excel to learn basic to advance concepts step by step including open workbooks, format. Microsoft Excel Tutorial. Page 2. 1. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications that helps you manage data, create visually persuasive .

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Excel Tutorials Pdf

that'll get you well on your way to 'Excel Guru Status' giving you not only the Microsoft Office training (including Excel, Word and Outlook video tutorials) and. This tutorial will help you understand what a spreadsheet is and where a The Excel screen acts as a window onto a large grid of rows and columns into which. Here you will get the material for computer IT and Excel related courses and tutorials. The materials for which you will get the PDF, DOC, PPT, RAR and ZIP files.

Skip to main content. Count Count cells between dates. Count cells between two numbers. Count cells equal to. Count cells equal to case sensitive. Count cells equal to either x or y. Count cells equal to one of many things. Count cells greater than. Count cells less than. Count cells not equal to.

Sum if date is between. Sum if date is greater than. Sum if ends with. Sum if equal to either x or y. Sum if equal to one of many things. Sum if greater than. Sum if less than. Sum if multiple criteria. Sum if not blank. Sum if one criteria multiple columns.

Sum last n columns. Sum matching columns. Sum sales in last 30 days by ID. Sum through n months. Sum top n values. Sum top n values with criteria. Sum visible rows in a filtered list. Average and ignore errors. Average by month. Average if criteria not blank. Average last 5 values. Average last 5 values in columns. Average numbers. Average numbers ignore zero. Average response time per month. Average the last 3 numeric values. Average top 3 scores. Average with multiple criteria. Weighted average.

First in, last out times. Large with criteria. Larger of two values. Max of every nth column. Max value ignore all errors. Maximum if multiple criteria. Maximum value. Maximum value if. Minimum if multiple criteria. Minimum value.

Minimum value if. MAX IF. Smaller of two values. Approximate match with multiple criteria. Case sensitive match. Count missing values. Extract all matches with helper column.

Extract all partial matches. Extract multiple matches into separate columns. Extract multiple matches into separate rows.

Find closest match. Find longest string in column. Find longest string with criteria. Find lowest n values. Find missing values. First match in range with wildcard. Get address of lookup result. Get cell content at given row and column. Get first match cell contains. Get first non-blank value in a list. Get first text value in a list. Get information corresponding to max value. Get last match. Get last match cell contains. Get location of value in 2D array. Get nth match.

Index and match on multiple columns. Lookup and sum column. Lookup entire column. Lookup entire row. Lookup last file version. Lookup latest price. Lookup lowest value. Lookup up cost for product or service.

Lookup value between two numbers. Lookup with variable sheet name. Match first does not begin with. Match first error. Match first occurrence does not contain. Match next highest value. Max if criteria match. Multi-criteria lookup and transpose. Multiple matches in comma separated list. Partial match against numbers with wildcard. Position of first partial match.

Position of max value in list. Force negative numbers to zero. If cell begins with x, y, or z. If cell contains. If cell equals. If cell is blank. If cell is greater than. If cell is not blank. If cell is this OR that. IF OR. If else. If NOT this or that. If this AND that. IF AND. IF with boolean logic. IF with wildcards. Invoice status with nested if. Nested IF function example. Only calculate if not blank.

Return blank if. Tax rate calculation with fixed base. Win loss points calculation. Categorize text with keywords. Group arbitrary text values. Group numbers at uneven intervals. Group times into 3 hour buckets.

300 Examples

Group times into unequal buckets. If cell contains one of many things. Map inputs to arbitrary values. Map text to numbers. Running count group by n size. Highlight 3 smallest values with criteria. Conditional formatting based on another cell. Conditional formatting column is blank. Conditional formatting date past due.

Conditional formatting dates overlap.

How to convert a PDF balance sheet to Excel — PDFTables

Conditional formatting highlight target percentage. Find duplicate values in two columns. Gantt chart. Gantt chart by week. Gantt chart with weekends. Highlight approximate match lookup conditional formatting. Highlight blank cells. Highlight bottom values. Highlight cells that begin with. Highlight cells that contain. Highlight cells that contain one of many. Highlight cells that end with. Highlight cells that equal.

Highlight column differences. Highlight data by quartile. Highlight dates between. Highlight dates greater than. Highlight dates in same month and year. Highlight dates in the next N days. Highlight dates that are weekends.

Highlight duplicate columns. Highlight duplicate rows. Highlight duplicate values. Highlight entire rows. Highlight every other row. Highlight integers only. Highlight missing values.

Highlight multiples of specific value. Highlight numbers that include symbols.

Excel Book

Highlight row and column intersection exact match. OR AND. Highlight rows that contain. Highlight rows with blank cells.

Highlight rows with dates between. Highlight top values. Highlight unique values. Highlight unprotected cells. Highlight values between. Highlight values greater than. Highlight values not between X and Y. Shade alternating groups of n rows. Data validation allow numbers only. Data validation allow text only. Data validation allow uppercase only.

Data validation allow weekday only. Data validation date in next 30 days. Data validation date in specific year. Data validation don't exceed total. Data validation exists in list. Data validation must begin with. Data validation must contain specific text. Data validation must not contain. Data validation must not exist in list. Data validation no punctuation.

Data validation number multiple Data validation only dates between. Data validation require unique number. Data validation specific characters only. Data validation unique values only. Data validation whole percentage only. Data validation with conditional list. Rank function example.


Rank if formula. Rank race results. Rank with ordinal suffix. Rank without ties. Get decimal part of a number. Get integer part of a number. Get number at place value. Round a number. Round a number down. Round a number down to nearest multiple. Round a number to n significant digits. Round a number to nearest multiple. Round a number up.

Round a number up to nearest multiple. Round a number up to next half. Round a price to end in. Round by bundle size.

Round time to nearest 15 minutes. Round to nearest Round to nearest 5. Add business days to date. Add days exclude certain days of week. Add days to date. Add decimal hours to time. Add decimal minutes to time. Add months to date. Add workdays no weekends. Add workdays to date custom weekends.

Add years to date. Assign points based on late time. Basic overtime calculation formula. Basic timesheet formula with breaks. Calculate date overlap in days. Calculate days remaining. Calculate expiration date.

Calculate number of hours between two times. IF MOD. Calculate retirement date. Calculate years between dates.

Convert date string to date time. Convert date to Julian format. Convert date to month and year. Convert date to text. The question is - how much do you have to pay on top of the net price? Naturally, you are free to use the decimal number corresponding to the percentage directly in a formula if this works better for your worksheets.

You want to know what the original price was. Now you need the formula to calculate the original price, i. You may want to consider different options to find out your optimum weekly allowance. Here are 5 quick steps to handle this task: Enter all the numbers you want to increase or decrease in some column, column B in this example. Select the range of cells you want to change, right click the selection and then click Paste Special… In the Paste Special dialog window, select Values under Paste, Multiply under Operation and click OK.

Simply enter the desired percentage in an empty cell and follow the steps above. This is how you calculate percentage in Excel. And even if working with percentages has never been your favorite kind of math, by using these basic percentage formulas you can get Excel to do the work for you. That's all for today, thank you for reading! Hence, you cannot edit slide objects anymore. General Tab Rendering Options When creating projects, especially creating eLearning courses or software simulations , ActivePresenter allows you to choose which properties of the project to render in the output.

Just select the check box next to each option. ActivePresenter creates bookmarks from slide names and each bookmark links to a corresponding slide image in the PDF format. The first bookmark level is the slide group title while the second one is the slide name.

Layout This section lets you specify the page orientation, as well as the number of slide on each PDF page. One: Export single slide per page. Two: Export two slides per page. Contiguous: The slides are written contiguously in a page until there is not enough space, then it will be moved to the next page. Compact: Only export the screen of the first slide in each group. For the following slides, ActivePresenter exports only the slide name and slide description.

Page Orientation: Choose from landscape and portrait. The page size is always A4. Description: Export slide description and specify which side of the slide to place it Top, Left, Right, or Bottom. On the other hand, selecting None means there is no description exported.

Image This section lets you define the quality of the document background.

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